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Hyundai will allow passengers of the car to listen to different kinds of music

Posted August 16, 2018

We all love our music differently. In the same way as we like our climate to be specific to our needs. In the car now you can have separate climate control for different zones, but you all have to share the same kind of sound from the audio system. Now Hyundai revealed the world‘s first Separated Sound Zone (SSZ) technology, which will allow customizing music experience for different passengers.

Hyundai’s SSZ technology will allow the front and rear passengers to hear separate sounds. Image credit: Hyundai

SSZ technology is very cool, but kind of weird. It allows maintaining the headphone-free social environment, while at the same time creating a tailored music experience. SSZ creates and controls acoustic fields in the car, allowing the driver and passenger to hear different sounds, including music, hands-free phone calls, and vehicle alerts. This technology will allow the passenger to listen to different songs, while the driver will be able to enjoy his own music. The control of the overlap of the sounds is the same as current noise cancellation systems in various headphones. The difference is – there is no headphones.

Each passenger of the car can connect their smartphone via Bluetooth to the audio system. In this way they can play whatever songs they like and hear them only in their zone, without disturbing other passengers or interfering with their music. You will not hear what the driver is listening to and he will not hear your music – it is that strange. Furthermore, SSZ also works with hands-free calling, ensuring privacy as people around you will not hear your conversation. Well, they will hear what you are saying, just not what you are hearing. Furthermore, satnav instructions and vehicle alerts will not bother the passengers – only the driver will be able to hear them. Hyundai says that it is especially useful when you have a sleeping child in the car – you can still listen to music.

It seems like the separate sounds will be available for the front and rear passengers. It may, however, become possible for the driver and the front passenger to listen to different music as well. This technology has been in development since 2014. Hyundai saw its potential and stuck with it, knowing that if it is possible with headphones, it must be possible with car’s audio system. Not Hyundai expects SSZ to become available in mass produced cars within the next couple of years.

It is a great addition to car’s entertainment and comfort systems. However, for now it is difficult to imagine it working so perfectly. But if Hyundai pulls this off, you will definitely hear about this system in the future.


Source: Hyundai

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