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Jack Snipe – portable but very versatile folding stand for mobile devices

Posted August 13, 2018

Jack Snipe, a fresh Latvian start-up, has proudly launched a campaign on Kickstarter. That campaign presents 3-in-1 folding stand, which promises to function as the only essential accessory for all of your mobile devices.

The idea of making a portable but sophisticated laptop stand came to the mind of Maksim Chumak in 2017, when he started looking for a solution to improve his working space:

“I wanted to create something which would make people feel emotional connection and pleasant sensations with every touch, not just a piece of boring plywood or lifeless aluminum”, says Maksim, “but honestly, I did not expect people all around the world will get interested in my product”.

Jack Snipe started improving and perfecting its prototypes while being sold on Etsy and already receiving a lot of positive feedback. Launching a campaign on Kickstarter was the next big step. The newest Jack Snipe stand has a high handcrafted quality, is quick to set up, portable and light weight. It improves ergonomics and prevents overheating of your devices. This personalized and unique European-oak stand can become a perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones.

With the help of Kickstarter campaign, Jack Snipe is hoping to develop new colors, make stands for specific MacBook models, make wider angle to raise laptops even higher and to make new product lines from other types of wood, such as ash or beech.

Key product specifications:

-Fits 12 to 17-inch MacBook and other laptops thinner than 20mm (0,8″)

-Compatible with most tablets and smartphones (display size 4,7 inches and bigger)

-Assembled dimensions: 225 mm (8.86″) x 225 mm (8.86″) x 125 mm (4.92″)

-Disassembled dimensions: 310mm (12.2″) x 125mm (4.92″) x 13.5mm (0.53″)

-Weight: 250-280g (8.8-9.9oz)

Source: Kickstarter

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