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LG Chem Global Innovation Contest 2018 (GIC 2018)

Posted August 10, 2018

This competition-based program is a platform for research collaboration designed by LG Chem that will be initiated with novel proposals from universities and research institutions from all over the world.

The contest theme includes Energy, Environment, Functional Materials, Bio, Platform Technology, as well as other areas that need innovative solutions. The specific keyword for each contest theme is summarized in ‘Contest Theme’ column on the organizers’ website.

Nominees of this contest can earn up to $150,000 each for multi-year research activities and may also have the opportunity to collaborate with R&D teams in LG Chem to realize their proposed solutions. We highly encourage you who have such a novel idea to share with us to apply for this contest.

Some important dates of GIC 2018 are summarized in the table shown below.

Date Activity
June.18th ~Sep.30th, 2018 Submission of Proposal online
Oct.1st ~Nov.30th, 2018 Evaluation of Proposals
Dec. 2018 Announcement of Nominated Proposals
Mar. 30th , 2019 End of Contract Signing

We look forward to your active participation in GIC 2018.


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