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4 Key Benefits of Automating Your Home Systems

Posted August 9, 2018

As the emergence and advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes even more popular, you’ve likely noticed that the world is moving towards a “smart” environment. Every day, you are bombarded with information about your daily activities being controlled by AI via smart devices. As smart cities and countries sprout, your living space has also being converted into a smart one.

Smart home. Image credit: geralt via Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain

The focus here is your own home, and about making it smarter than it has been before. With smart home automation, you are connecting your living space to the outside world. In-turn, this helps you access your home even while on the go.

Automating your home has augmented quality of living, making life easier and more enjoyable since all controls are on your handheld device. Here are some tested advantages of automating your home today.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Thermostats such as Nest are a great way of saving energy; fortunately, these are not the only energy-efficient smart devices on the market. You have the option of installing smart LED light bulbs that turn themselves off whenever you leave a room or home. There are also smart sensors that send alerts to your phone if you leave a window or fridge door open.

Energy efficiency ratings. Image credit: OpenClipart-Vectors via Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain

In addition, smart appliances can also be set to turn on whenever it’s most economical, sense when a task is done and turn themselves off automatically. Imagine of a world where all your home appliances will work together as a single unit. The heater shuts off when the dryer runs, blinds opening when it is sunny outside – the possibilities are infinite!

Unified Control

Smart home automation allows the operation of your home’s appliances and devices from a single point. In fact, you can control the temperature, shut doors and windows, and even turn on the lights before you get home all from your tablet, smartphone or voice assistant. This has to be one of the biggest advantages of getting your smarter!


Using smart devices in the home not only helps in saving energy, it also helps you save money. Realizing a lower electric bill at the end of the month means you have more money for replacing older devices or upgrading your home to become more sustainable.

Initial costs of installing smart devices into your home are a little higher, but majorities of energy-efficient and smart devices eventually pay for themselves. Plus, you can also benefit from tax credits, which are applied to certain smart products like heat pumps and solar panels.

Finally, you will find that selling your smart home is faster and pays more. Data indicates that 80 percent of homebuyers are more likely to consider a home with automated technology!

Improved Security

Security is a fundamental consideration when considering your home. It’s important for your belongings and possessions to be safe in your home. An automated home system gives you peace of mind and security for your home.

Thanks to cloud technology and programming capabilities like cloud-hosted log management, you can regularly check on your house even when you are on vacation. You can switch on the lights with a single tap if you are suspicious or something in the log data doesn’t add up. Furthermore, you can also get notifications if some unwanted activity is taking place in your home – all through an app on your smartphone.


Despite all the benefits enumerated above, it may still take some time to convince some people on the advantages of automating their home systems. While many people love the perquisites of smart homes, they are uncertain of what smart home technologies bring home. However, once installation is done, smart home systems become even more efficient over time.

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