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How Does Voice Search Functionality Work? (Infographic)

Posted July 13, 2018

Long gone are the days when we had to crawl through search engines and type in long and arduous questions to find the information we wanted. A new type of technology has finally arrived that makes searching so much easier – voice search!

We have dreamt of voice search technology for many years and it has often be portrayed in film and TV. This technology is now a reality and most smartphones and other devices have it. So how does a voice search actually work?

Voice search functionality is based on speech recognition technology. This technology is in turn based on sound packets that we project when we speak words. For example, if we say the word dog, the program would recognise “d”, “o” and “g” as separate phones. Phones are individual letters, and phonemes are blocks of sound that words are created from.

Speech recognition technology combines phones and phonemes together to turn our speech into a set of letters and words it can put into a context. Our brain does this automatically in microseconds, but speech recognition programs must use algorithms and problem solving to perform the same process of understanding.

It is this speech recognition that voice search technology is based on. Let’s say you use Google’s voice search function, for example. You might say into the speaker “what is the weather forecast today in New York?” The voice search program will use speech recognition to identify the words and then put those words through its search database to provide you with relevant results.

This is why voice search is becoming increasingly important for search engine optimization as well. People are using their voice to search much more often because it’s more convenient, so optimizing your website for those search results is important, too. Looking through some Seo review sites like, is a good way to find an expert that can help you optimize your website for voice searches as well as regular ones, so it’s definitely something you should consider doing.

In ages past, voice search technology was limited as the speed recognition technology itself was not fully developed. However, now they have advanced recognition technology that can easily identify what we are saying, and even take into account accents and differing speech patterns. Long gone are the days where we would have to repeat ourselves 5 times before a device could understand what we were saying!

Ok Google… “Where can I eat tonight?”… “Bing bong” … “Showing results for – Where Canada’s wheat grows” This is just one example of a potential misunderstanding, but thanks to how voice search technology has developed, we no longer have to suffer!


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