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The Best 4 Instant Logo-Design Solutions for Global Netizens

Posted June 16, 2018

Competitive marketing requires all partners to be ready for the market and utilizing all resources to compete well. Logo, as an irreplaceable branding identity, plays a more and more critical role in dominating the market. The relationship between logo and branding is that branding is not just about logo design, while logo is a vital part of branding strategy. Logo tells audience about the spirit, the product, the vision and even the untold story behind the representative brand. A quality logo ensures a good impression and creates a great user experience, which makes it costly to have a designer designed a business logo.

Famous cases on expenditures for iconic logos include Pepsi spending $1 million, BBC spending $1.8 million, Accenture spending $100 million, etc. In an overview of brands with a high reputation, quite a few of them own a unique top-designer team to design a timeless logo, which is impossible for most of us. Especially for millions of startups, budget is very limited, and money must be spent on innovating attractive products. So question comes: How can we get a unique and enduring logo with a small budget? – There is a workaround: Take a peek at our selected best instant logo-design apps online!

Top 4 Instant Logo-DesignEvo Solutions for All

#1.DesignEvo Online Logo Maker

PRICE: 0 – Free plan, $19.99- Basic, $39.99 – Plus.


DesignEvo – 5000+ designer-made logo templates for all categories: The app specializes in online logo creation solutions and simplifies the design process to the most. With a run of it, you may soon find its UI is extremely concise and easy to navigate. It leaves its users two ways to design a logo: with their inbuilt template or from scratch. Note that even using a template, you are entitled totally to revamp the logo design to a brand new style and with a few steps.

How to Make A Logo with DesignEvo?

Step 1: Press (Make A Free Logo), search for a template by entering a keyword.

Step 2: Pick a template and input branding name and slogan.

Step 3: Customize a logo. Move or delete an element on the canvas, or the color for shape/ text/ background.

Step 4: Preview and download your logo design.




COOLTEXT is an old-brand text-logo maker online with an excellent reputation. Anyone can choose a text style and make a text logo easily: select templates, enter letters, set fonts, and colors, etc. Users will feel happy to create a logo immediately without any hassles. Downloading is also easy given that the requirement for member registration is not necessary.

How to Make A Logo with COOLTEXT?

Step 1: Abundant text-logo templates display on the homepage where you can choose your favorite logo design.

Step 2: Enter your branding text, set the size and color. Click “Create Logo” to complete the logo automatically.

#3.Hipster Logo Generator

PRICE: Partially Free


Once you learn how to operate, you can easily create a very fashionable logo. However, at first, the operation screen may be a bit hard to understand. It is a pity that the setting to move the position of the character is troublesome, or to delete the text once added, it is a must to erase all text with CLEAR ALL. When a quality logo has been finished, you can download it with high quality without troubles such as registration.

How to Make A Logo with Hipster?

Step 1: Select the base shape and click NEXT.

Step 2: Follow your heart to add lines and figures and go NEXT (Next) when done.

Step 3: Set font, size and character position. You can set the position by changing the values of X (horizontal) and Y (vertical).

Step 4: Change the logo or background color. If you select BG IMAGE (background image), you can add photos as the background. Also, you can blur or brighten the background image with BG IMAGE FILTER (background image filter). Just realize that if you want to add an image as the logo background, remember to set the background color to transparent.

Step 5: Press GENERATE LOGO.

#4. flamingtext Text-Logo Maker

PRICE: Partially Free


As another text-logo maker, flamingtext provides us with abundant text-logo templates. It is born for making letter logos. For those who want a fashionable logo with only letters, it’s the fastest way to do it. As long as you’ve made a change, you can view how the logo looks instantly.

How to Make A Logo with flamingtext?

Step 1: Enter branding letter where gives you hint of (Enter name or logo).

Step 2: Select a text-logo template and go (Edit Logo).

Step 3: Set the background, image.

Final Words

The above logo makers make it way easier to generate a unique business logo than creating logo in Photoshop. Utilize any of above services for a concept logo and save big and start your business.

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