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Tired of mosquitos? This trap doesn’t zap nor poison insects, but catches them very efficiently

Posted June 1, 2018

Summer is a wonderful time. A lot of people hate winter and are waiting for summer to relax and enjoy the weather. However, mosquitos seem to like this time as well and they can really destroy your night‘s sleep. But what can you do if you don‘t want to use toxic sprays or electric zappers? There are cleaner ways of dealing with them.

HNW – 018 attracts mosquitos using a blue light. Image credit:

HNW – 018 is a trap for mosquitos. It doesn’t shock or poison insects, but it deals with them surprisingly effectively. HNW – 018 has a little LED light, which attracts mosquitos. When they come too close they suddenly get sucked in by a fan. Mosquitos find themselves trapped in a container at the bottom of the device, which is very easy to clean. Actually, if you feel like it, you can even set mosquitos free somewhere else. The best part is that traps like this are completely safe.

HNW – 018 is powered through a USB cable. Image credit:

Nothing is going to happen is a child or a pet comes closer to this mosquito trap. It doesn’t emit any kind of harmful radiation, it doesn’t produce smell and it doesn’t shock you. The blue light it’s emitting is quite faint so it shouldn’t disturb your sleep too much. But just in case you should put it further away from your bed so that mosquitos would have it as target and not you. Blue light disturbs sleep patterns in humans (one of the reasons why you shouldn’t use your phone before sleep), but this one is really small. It is also very good that the HNW – 018 is very quiet. Its fan produced a noise of 35 dB – it is quitter than a whisper. And, of course, trapped mosquitos won’t be making much of a noise either.

Dead mosquito container is easy to clean. Image credit:

Finally, HNW – 018 is extremely easy to use. It is powered through a USB cable, which means that you can plug it in computer, normal smartphone charger or even a powerbank. This allows using the HNW – 018 pretty much everywhere from your office to a tent in the middle of a forest. And it seems to be working well, judging by excellent customer reviews.

On HNW – 018 mosquito trap has a 4.93 star rating based on 19 reviews. That is a great result. Of course, maybe when there will be more reviews this score will go down, but now it looks like a product worth trying. Especially having in mind an attractive price. HNW – 018 costs only €12.84 and you can even choose its colour (black or white) to match the interior of your house.

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