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Live Chat Technology Is Winning Over Customers (Infographic)

Posted June 1, 2018

Today, you will often come across a pop-up LiveChat notification on websites, usually placed at the bottom corners.

Live chat software is usually set up to help customers navigate the website or get quick responses to general questions. It acts as a virtual help desk for customers interested in purchasing items or just visiting a physical store.

With more than 50% of customers being super grateful of the LiveChat ability to help them make instantaneous decisions, we are bound to witness it being used across all websites – from ecommerce to personal blogs and anything in between.

Instant Conversations

By using LiveChat, businesses have the ability to initiate conversations with the visitor at any time of the day, making it easy for them to build up confidence and trust before they can decide to purchase. The instant direct access to the website’s support staff increases the chances of generating more leads and making more sales.

“Over 90% of customers will transact with a website that has LiveChat since they already know what they are purchasing”, a recent research by Oracle indicates. Customers love it when they get help whenever they are stuck at any point in their purchase process.

Bottom Line

Live chat technology is by far among the most successful modern times aspect of online business marketing. It has strengthened customer engagement with online products and their relationship with business owners.


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