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Energy Ethics: Florida Energy Company Shifts Focus to Renewable Electricity Sources for Customers

Posted May 17, 2018

Tampa, Florida — American Power and Gas (AP&G) have acquired worldwide recognition for being an energy company, which is experiencing growth at an accelerated rate. The mission and vision of the company are geared towards providing the Americans with an affordable source of energy, along with providing them with clean, sustainable renewable energy on a large-sized scale.

However, the prices of sustainable renewable energy have reproached over the years, which has subjected it to immeasurable price inflation. Jim Bridgeforth, a power entrepreneur and president at AP&G, is ambitious to build a half a billion energy company to provide the customers of the brand with reasonably priced energy in regards to the comparison between fossil fuels Vs. Renewable energy.

Followed by his determination, Bridgeforth is determined to oust the preposterous inflation in energy prices, and he is inclined to employ his $500M company to propel the use of clean energy for commercial purposes. He has opted to collaborate with American Power and Gas as his suitable contender to invest in the project for renewable energy, and the project is currently discussed on its national energy phase.

It is noticeable that in the last few years, the revenue of the company has been accelerated four times, and it has also acquired the opportunity to garner a client base of approximately 800,000 consumers, under the supervision of Jim Bridgeforth. It should also be noticed that a majority of these consumers have stepped forward to establish a long-term relationship with the company.

Bridgeforth has recently announced his perspective on the benefits of clean energy, which is inclusive of the fact that the carbon-based resources should be eliminated from this planet, as they hinder the accomplishment of several processes along the way. The use of carbon-based resources or products deviates from the necessity of employing renewable energy in a particular area.

Over the years, the consumers have expressed their desire in using sustainable and renewable sources of energy, and Bridgeforth has speculated that considering the demand of the people, the consumers are readily prepared to invest in clean energy sources, which includes solar panels and wind turbines, regardless the precariousness of a marketplace. He is utterly adamant about devising a business plan which is in congruence with saving the natural resources across the globe.

Also, it has been estimated that the commercial sectors in the US are responsible for nearly 80% consumption of the energy, which entails that the investment has its own risks, which can be overcome by taking one step at a time, without disrupting the energy industry.

Bridgeforth has additionally highlighted the benefits of investing in renewable energy sources. It has been speculated that renewable energy is capable of generating employment by a tenfold, as opposed to its traditional counterparts. As reported in Clean Technica, the study shows that yielding employment in a clean energy sector triumphs fossil fuels by a margin of 3-to-1. Keeping the ratio in consideration, each dollar that is invested into generating clean energy is responsible for enhancing job opportunities three times, as opposed to investing the same dollar into gas and oil resources.

Jim Bridgeforth is not simply adamant about providing renewable energy to its consumers but, he is also focused on utilizing a cost-effective approach to keep the ever-fluctuating prices of energy in control. His business plan is not merely focused on offering a percentile of rebates on the bills but, he wants to assure his consumers that the prices of renewable energy will remain sustainable over the years.

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