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WeatherAtPoint BLE – The World’s Smallest Bluetooth Weather station

Posted May 16, 2018

It’s been two years since we’ve introduced the concept of WeatherAtPoint – The World’s Smallest Weather station.

The crowdfunding for our first [email protected] audio jack model reached an organic fund of 140.600 $ pledged by 3769 backers. The support shows that people are interested in the concept and ready to invest in such an innovation.

WeatherAtPoint can fundamentally change how we measure and monitor changes of weather values throughout the day. It gives each one of us a chance to have a personal pocket-sized weather station. We can store and share measurements and through [email protected] cloud we can have an insight into the weather values from all around the world shared by ordinary people from real places.

Our team strongly believes in the idea and that drives us all and motivates us to keep going, so we came up with the new and improved Bluetooth version of the [email protected] that’ll make it even easier to take measurements and share them on the [email protected] Cloud. We also made a new model more durable, more efficient, and easier to connect and calibrate.

The design is slightly different, but still small, compact and convenient to carry around in your pocket or attached to your jacket, backpack or a purse.

We are very proud of its design. It’s trendy and fashionable and yet it’s a powerful little device that can improve life quality, save time and help you organize your daily routine without any weather surprises.

The new app will be much easier to use as we tried to keep it as simple and transparent as possible. The values are displayed instantly and the option to sign up for the cloud and to share your measurements will be available from the app itself. The app will again be available for both IOS and android users.

By registering on the [email protected] Cloud, we can now not only have access to our own measurements that we stored and shared, but to the measurements of thousands of users from all around the globe.

We have prepared great early bird special discounts up to 70 %. To get WeatherAtPoint BLE first simply sign up here–2/coming_soon

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