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3 Areas of Business Now Transformed by Biometric Technology

Posted May 15, 2018

Here’s a technological breakthrough you’re going to welcome into your business. I know some tech products can be more of a nuisance than an asset, right? It takes so long before everyone on your team can use it properly that your productivity dips before it starts to rise again.

Try being unprejudiced and give biometric technology a try. After installation it can immediately transform how you operate with minimal snags along the way.

What is Biometric Technology?

Let’s bring you up to speed first so you know exactly what you’ll allow in your space. It’s technology that identifies each person thanks to the unique features we have. This could be a finger print, eyes, DNA or even the audio waves of your voice.

Why Must this be Your Next Investment?

But how does this relate to you improving your bottom line? And with all the security features already in place, why spend more money on yet another system?

Let’s be honest. You’ve probably had countless issues with lost passwords, key cards, forgotten pin codes and more. Let’s not get started on time wasted when people don’t follow certain required procedures for administration or reporting because they struggle to find the time.

Why not sidestep all of that with a biometric system?

What are Your Concerns?

Of course any tech is subjected to controversy and scepticism. People may be concerned about how private their information is on such a system. And can’t a saved fingerprint be used for fraud elsewhere?

Don’t be sucked in by rumours. The information is usually device dependent so outside the parameters of your workplace someone’s fingerprint will be quite useless.

Ready to give it a try now?

Workplace Applications

When you partner with an expert such as Advance Systems Inc. you get access to some of these systems that will affect how you do business in future.

Easier Administration

The moment I hear automation you have my attention. This is the number one way your business can save time. Replacing a few tedious tasks with a technological alternative also makes office work less boring so employees are bound to be more motivated and get more work done.

A biometric system can be linked to a data system so information such as clock in times is automatically entered. When someone arrives at work a fingerprint scanner will sign him or her in and the same happens at the end of a day or shift to sign them out. Hours worked are automatically allocated to a person’s profile.

This beats filling in forms manually and someone doing data capturing. Of course the number one reason this makes sense is accuracy, but more about that later.

Safe Environments

So many applications in terms of safety!

You can create an organized access system on site. Instead of someone standing guard a biometric locking system will only allow authorized individuals into each space.

This means:

  • No one can impersonate one of your employees
  • You’ll spend less on security personnel
  • You have accurate records of which employees accessed which rooms and automatically you have a log of these movements

Apart from preventing fraud this also serves as a deterrent. Fewer employees will take chances of damaging or stealing company items since there’s proof of where they move each day. You don’t want to be the only one with history of entering a certain room when the boss finds out something’s missing from there.

It also means fewer doors and gates need to be locked manually. A simple press of the thumb or reading of a retina can open a door. While employees will actually get more done because they don’t have to bother with remembering and using keys, it also keeps them safe.

Anyone who isn’t on your system won’t get access so you have instant protection against intruders without spending a lot on additional security measures.

It has far reaching implications so I hope you’re making your list of requirements so long.

Accurate Data

What is the one thing you can be sure of when you compare manually collected data with that sourced by biometric technology? There will be a huge difference in accuracy.

Always Have Order

When you make one error regarding someone’s hours worked or arrival time you can cause a long list of problems:

  • Payment errors
  • Conflict regarding someone’s tardiness
  • Disputes about productivity in relation to time worked

Now imagine how many mistakes creep in when overlapping shifts are managed manually. All that falls away when a biometric system instantly records work hours.

Remember everything in a business is about optimizing the time and resources you have available. Now instead of having multiple disputes about salaries, work hours and admin errors each month you & your workers can simply focus on the task at hand.

That’s the far reaching effects of this technology.

Prevent Fraud

Of course it will only be valuable if it’s accurate. Since biometric technology is based upon the facts that no two people will have the same fingerprint, voice, DNA or other relevant features the data is precise.

This precision also means less fraud can be committed since no one can lie about hours worked or access gained to merchandise anymore.

Fast Facts

Are you still hesitant about whether it’s the solution you’ve been waiting for? Let me answer your logistical questions:

  • Yes it’s fast to implement so your transition period between old and new systems will be quick.
  • Chances are your current system can be incorporated or transformed. Thanks to biometric systems being scalable you can decide how big an investment you want to make.
  • It won’t ruin the aesthetics of your business since machines look modern and are compact.


The plain truth is that you don’t have to sit with the problems of yesterday anymore. Put them behind you and enjoy a new chapter of productivity, safety and accuracy in your workplace.

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