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Playbike – Turn your exercise bike training into a game!

Posted May 3, 2018

Exercise bikes are used by a lot of people for getting in a good shape. But the training process often becomes boring because one has to pedal monotonously for a long period of time.

Is it possible to make sport exercises interesting and funny? So funny that you would
run home after work looking forward to doing sports?

This is the idea behind a new innovative system – Playbike, which was recently launched as a Kickstarter campaign. The core of the idea is to turn your training process into a game. Special sensors are attached to your bike’s pedals and handles. They transmit signals directly to a game running on your mobile phone or tablet.

It may be a race or space travelling game or something else. From now on exercise bike training will consist from passing new levels and virtual world adventures!

Developers of this system say that you won’t notice anymore how your training time passes. But your fat burning process will be as effective as before, just with increased level of motivation.

Playbike includes:
-Buttons for bike’s handles
-Games which you can install from Google Play or AppStore

How it works:
-Put the sensors on your bike’s pedals and handles
-Set comfortable difficulty level on the bike
-Launch a game on your tablet or mobile phone and start exercising
-Interact with the game world pressing buttons and varying pedaling rate

You can turn any exercise bike into Playbike. It’s compatible with all possible models.


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