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Construction Startup Competition 2018

Posted May 2, 2018

CEMEX Ventures, CEMEX’s open innovation platform and Corporate Venture Capital unit, launches “Construction Startup Competition 2018” which objective is to find Tech startups that want to change and disrupt the construction industry.

We want to accelerate and invest in construction startups focused on our key areas:

Understand, influence and capitalize on modern urban growth through smart cities’ technologies and sustainable initiatives.

Facilitate coordination among agents within the construction ecosystem, through new technology, driving transparency and efficiency to the industry.

Develop and exploit the latest technologies in construction, from 3D-printing to drones, from Robotics to IoT and Augmented or Virtual Reality.

Pilot and scale new financial resources for urban projects, new mechanisms for transparency, and alternative financing models for the construction industry.

All finalists will be invited to our Pitch Day event in Madrid, including transportation and accommodation.

They will be subjected to access to the CEMEX Ventures’ offering. The best pitch will be rewarded.


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