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You always forget your dreams? Maybe you just lack vitamin B6

Posted April 28, 2018

Some dreams are better to forget as soon as you wake up. Failed exams, mistakes in our romantic relationships, old fears – these things tend to haunt us in our sleep. However, it is annoying when a nice dream is forgotten just seconds after we wake up. But scientists from the University of Adelaide conducted a research and already know how to help you remembering your dreams – you must take vitamin B6.

Taking vitamin B6 supplements right before going to sleep, allows recalling dreams easier. Image credit: Benjamin Combs via Wikimedia

Scientists invited 100 people from around Australia to participate in this study. All of them reported to forget most of their dreams, which is not unusual at all. People spend 6 years of their lives on average dreaming and yet we forget most of those dreams. This is annoying, but it is also a huge waste of time – scientists say that we could spend our dreaming time more productively if we learned how to lucid dream. But in order to achieve that we firstly have to stop forgetting every single dream we have.

Some participants hat to take high-dose (240mg) of vitamin B6 supplements before going to bed for five consecutive days. Others were taking placebo. After those five days scientists talked to participants and found that those who were taking vitamin supplements had a much better ability to recall dreams than those who were only given placebo. Interestingly, B6 vitamins did not affect the contents of the dreams of their quality: vividness and weirdness remained the same. Participants noticed that memories of the dreams were getting clearer and clearer as the days went by and they stopped forgetting fragments of dreams during the day. Some participants said that dreams felt more real, because he could remember them better. Scientists hope that this could be the beginning of lucid dreaming therapies.

Scientists say that lucid dreaming has a huge potential to be used therapeutically .Dr Denholm Aspy, author of the research, said: “Lucid dreaming, where you know that you are dreaming while the dream is still happening, has many potential benefits. For example, it may be possible to use lucid dreaming for overcoming nightmares, treating phobias, creative problem solving, refining motor skills and even helping with rehabilitation from physical trauma”. You don’t have to take supplements though, because there is plenty of B6 in foods such as milk, cheese, eggs, red meat, liver, whole grain cereals, legumes, fruits and fish.

Now scientists want to figure out what dosage of the B6 has such effect. It is possible that participants of the study were not consuming enough products with the vitamin B6, which means that taking supplements just brought their intake to normal. If so, effects of B6 on dreaming may diminish with prolonged supplementation.


Source: University of Adelaide

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