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Volvo reveals the new level of luxury – a technology to change the passenger’s mood

Posted April 23, 2018

Remember the times when heated seats were considered a luxury in the car world? Now you can do much more than that – now you can control the atmosphere in your car. Volvo has just revealed its S90 Ambience Concept – a technology that can quite literally redefine luxury as it synchronises visuals, sound and scent to bring a new level of comfort to the chauffeured passenger.

Volvo S90 Ambience Concept was designed for the top-of-the-line S90 Excellence three-seater executive sedan, which features huge legroom for the chauffeured passenger. Image credit: Volvo

Chauffeured- that is one of the key words of this story. The its S90 Ambience Concept will make its debut in top-of-the-line S90 Excellence three-seater executive sedan. This quite big car only has three seats, because there is no front passenger seat. Instead, there is a place for a person to rest his legs. As you might imagine, the owner of this car typically sits at the back and so he deserves luxury. Volvo thinks a new technology, which can be controlled using a smartphone app, can bring a new level of luxury, combining scent, visuals and audio to create an unforgettable experience.

It looks like Volvo is getting ready to start selling mood itself. Users of the S90 Ambience Concept will be able to choose a theme of visuals, displayed on the ceiling of the car. Choices include Northern Lights, Scandinavian Forest, Swan Lake, Archipelago and Rain. These graphics can invoke certain feelings and be relaxing or even invigorating. There are also some different themes that can somehow give you energy – Nocturnal theme is perfect for resting while Freedom gives you a boost. Of course, some video projections on the ceiling are not enough, therefore, they are accompanied by audio, played through high-quality Bowers and Wilkins premium sound system, and scents, released through a vent in the central consol.

Projections on the ceiling are accompanied by audio and scent, especially designed to create a special mood for the passenger. Image credit: Volvo

It may seem a little too much for you, but have in mind that the S90 Ambience Concept is going to be officially revealed at the Beijing Auto Show in China. Chinese customers are extremely important for Volvo and they do love technology. Robin Page, head of design at Volvo Cars, said: “The Ambience Concept redefines luxury by taking it beyond material choices, creating a car that connects with your senses. The design explores how people feel inside the car and enables them to influence their own mood and well-being”.

Chinese people are still discovering large executive saloons, but they are already very popular. And the rich customer base wants the latest and greatest. Which is why the S90 Ambience Concept will be very popular in China if it does reach production.


Source: Volvo

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