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The AMA Health Care Interoperability and Innovation Challenge

Posted April 21, 2018

This Challenge is an open call for solutions that allow patients to remotely monitor and manage their health care in a manner that places a minimum burden on physicians. This requires the development of a supporting patient-physician interaction model that optimizes physician time and patient outcomes. Solutions that focus on data sharing are of particular interest. Entrants are asked to present solutions that demonstrate how data related to remote patient monitoring of conditions is captured on a mobile device, and how it is transferred to and from a clinicians’ practice for incorporation into a physician’s practice workflow.

Specifically Entrants are asked to present ideas on how to:

  1. Import (or transfer) patient-generated data from a mobile device or a mobile application into one or more phases of the physician or payer health data management cycles. Examples of phases: assessment of current state, risk stratification, goal definition (both patient and physician), treatment plan, intervention(s), recording of observed outcomes, re-assessment.

  2. Extract (or transfer) data from one or more aspects of the physician or payer health data management cycle and send it back into a mobile app or mobile device so patients can view, track and ultimately act upon the information relative to their goals or even share it with other physicians.

Ideally the winning Entries will demonstrate how the applicant uses patient-generated health data in meaningful ways to have maximum impact on improving physician workflow, improving clinical outcomes or reducing cost in the health care system.

This challenge is an AMA-led effort, with sponsorship from Google.


  • 1st Place Winner: $25,000 Google Cloud credits
  • 2nd Place Winner: $15,000 Google Cloud credits
  • 3rd Place Winner:  $10,000 Google Cloud credits
  • All Qualified Entries receive $3,000 in Google Cloud credits


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