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When And Why Do You Need Plenum Rated Cable?

Posted April 19, 2018

Are you a builder or a contractor? Selecting a perfect cable for the building might be a daunting task for you. When setting up a networking system for office or home, you need an appropriate length of cable. If the building is an old one, it is very difficult you to find plenum space, but it will become easy when the construction is new.

If you are looking to purchase cables for the big project, you may need to buy cables in bulk. You may come across varieties for plenum and non-plenum cables such as bulk PVC cables, cat5 ethernet cables or Cat6 plenum bulk cables. Before buying a cable, it is better to consider when and why you need plenum cable.

By considering this article, you might get required information before the purchase of plenum cables.

Plenum Cable: For Better Understanding

They are approved by underwriters’ laboratories-UL for non-conduit applications located in environmental air spaces. This alternative has replaced traditional conduit use in many commercial building installations. They are flexible and safe cables.

Plenum cables have a specially-made coating that’s meant to be fire resistant and non-toxic for use in potentially hazardous areas. In addition, that added protection could also increase the quality and life span of high-end Ethernet cabling systems.

Plenum cables used in buildings are shortly termed as CMP. CMP stands for Communications Multipurpose Plenum. It sets a perfect example to bring up solution for all types of low voltage, environmental air space applications.

Why Use Plenum Cable?

Plenum rated cable has a special insulation that has smoke and low flame characteristics. It is mandated to be installed in any “air handling” space. For instance, most large office buildings use the ceiling to return air to the AC unit.

Moreover, the space that builds with an intention to handle the airflow is loaded with the oxygen. If cable installation is not done properly and efficiently, it might be highly risky. At that point, the use of plenum cables ensures safety.

However, use of plenum spaces may pose a serious hazard in case of fire. Once fire reaches the plenum space, few barriers exist to contain smoke and flames.

In the US, plenum cables are constructed from such plastic materials that are regulated under the National Fire Protection Association standard NFPA 90A. It is the standard that is to be kept in mind while installing air conditioning and ventilating systems. The standard NFPA ensures that the cables placed in plenum spaces designed with an aim to meet rigorous fire safety.

When Use Plenum Cable?

New Construction

It most advisable to let extra space for plenum cables in newly constructed building. Initially, the cost of a plenum cable may seem to be higher than standard non-plenum cables. But it assured a secure cabling foundation for future expansion.

IT center

Mostly, computer rooms use plenum cables for networking. It allows intensive cooling to be pumped through the space under the floor to cool servers, switches, routers, etc.

Over to You

If you really concerned with safety and efficiency, use plenum rated cables when combined with an efficient category such as Cat 5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, or Cat7; it offers flawless results. When you need higher efficiency and performance, Use of CMP cables are preferred to be a better option from the other cable ratings such as CL2, CL3, or riser.

In the end, plenum rated cables are backbone of any network, Either home or business.

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