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McLaren made a run of exquisite sculptures, named the BP23 ‘Speed Form’, but you can’t buy them

Posted April 18, 2018

Purchasing an extremely expensive, limited production vehicle is not easy by any stretch of imagination. Not only you have to be loaded with money, you also have to be quick or, more likely, know some people from behind the scenes to order the new model before it is sold out. And then you have to wait for months or years to get it. McLaren is easing people‘s wait by sending exquisite sculptures ‘Money-can’t-buy’.

BP23 ‘Speed Form’ is made from plastic, metal and carbon fibre. Final assembly and polish is done by hand. Image credit: McLaren

Money really can’t buy the Speed Form sculpture – it is not going on sale. Instead, McLaren is sending out these sculptures to the buyers of the still-to-be unveiled McLaren Hyper-GT, codenamed BP23. Only 106 BP23’s have been sold (the same volume as the number of legendary McLaren F1’s) and so the same amount of the sculptures has been made. The Speed Form is a little sculpture, depicting the interior of the hypercar. It also hints about the exterior elements of the most aerodynamic McLaren to date.

BP23 takes inspiration from the legendary McLaren F1 car, which was once the fastest car on the planet. In fact, it is still the fastest car with an atmospheric engine (no turbocharger or supercharger here). BP23 is going to be a little quicker, reaching the speed of 391 km/h (243 mph), but it will not be powered by a conventional engine. Instead, McLaren’s new hypercar is going to feature petrol-electric hybrid system, probably, similar to the one seen in the P1 hypercar. However, BP23 will have a famous three-seat arrangement, where driver sits in the centre of the cockpit and there are two passenger seats besides him. That is not an easy thing to design and getting into the car will be more challenging, but it does give it a lot of character.

Each of 106 sculptures in numbered and none of the will be sold. Image credit: McLaren

The BP23 ‘Speed Form’ shows that unique seating arrangement. Each sculpture took more than 100 hours to create, because of extensive amount of hand work involved. It took 30 hours of expert hand-polishing. The Speed Form is also assembled by hand, despite being machined using the latest 5-axis CNC cutting technology. It weighs 3.6 kg and measures 400 x 205 x 80mm. And, as was said before, you simply cannot buy a thing like that.

BP23 once it comes out is going to be a special car so it must be difficult to wait for it for so long. However, this little sculpture may ease the wait a little bit. We just wish we could get our hands on it.

Source: McLaren

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