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Why is Tinder Taking Over the World?

Posted April 11, 2018

We are living in a Tinder generation. It can be difficult to meet that special someone, so more and more people are turning towards dating apps in the hope of finding true love.

One of the most popular dating apps in the market today is undoubtedly Tinder. Despite what many people think, online dating has been here a while, with websites like eHarmony and being around 20 years old already. However, Tinder is a new take on online dating and improves on a lot of the fallacies that previous dating platforms had suffered from.

The user is presented with a series of images of people in her local area, and she can either swipe right if she likes the look of them, or left if she doesn’t. If the other party has also swiped right to her picture, then they are a match, and are free to start talking to each other. 

This type of dating app has injected a little fun into the dating scene. Many people use Tinder not looking for anything serious, but then if someone they do like comes along, then it is just an added bonus. 

As it is free to use, and only finds people within a certain radius, it has become a very popular app for thousands of people, many of which really have found true love using it. However, due to its sudden popularity, many other online dating sites are struggling as a result. Most of these have to actively give away deals and discounts near enough consistently in order to keep their clients. 

Sure, Tinder is not for everyone. Currently it is just hitting the younger generation, therefore, in order to compete, some other online dating companies have decided to target the opposite, going for professionals, over 50s, single parents, and various other categories. 


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