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2018 GIX Innovation Competition

Posted April 7, 2018

Connected Devices continue to be the theme of the competition. We seek projects that are original, technologically innovative, covering areas such as Internet of Things, wearable devices, intelligent hardware, VR, AR, ubiquitous computing, intelligent sensors, natural interactions with potential applications in various fields (such as education, environment protection, healthcare, transportation, fitness, entertainment and Information Accessibility, etc.).

FinTech is a newly added track this year as identity fraud has been a critical social-economic problem for a long time, puzzling governments, institutions, enterprises as well as individuals.

GIX Innovation Competition aims to tackle the challenge of identity fraud by applying cutting-edge technology, and utilizing advanced scientific knowledge.

  1. Use cases include but are not limited to loan application, individual or enterprise credit rating, college application, pre-employment background check.

  2. Final output can take the form of software systems, mobile applications, intelligent hardware, sensors etc.

  3. Relevant technologies include block chain, machine learning, natural language understanding (NLU), speech recognition, computer vision, knowledge map, intelligent question-answer system (IQAS), emotion analysis, micro expression analysis, human-computer interaction, biosensor etc.

Automated fraud recognition is widely regarded as one of the most promising technologies in the business of personal credit loans. As one of the most established P2P platforms in China, Renrendai is committed to provide professional online peer to peer lending services to our clients, assisting them with small and micro businesses’ capital needs. With automated fraud recognition, we hope to improve the efficiency of loan processing greatly, enabling us to provide better services to more customers in need.

The winning teams in the final will  share the cash prize of 1 million RMB.


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