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Why seats in most airplanes are blue? It is not a coincidence – blue is chosen for a reason

Posted March 28, 2018

Have you ever noticed that seats in most airplanes are blue? Of course, they are typically a representation of the official colours of the airlines. However, uniforms of flight attendants, magazine covers, some other bits and pieces in the cabin of an airplane are typically blue. And it is not a coincidence – blue is so popular for a reason.

Boeing says that blue helps passengers to forget their fear of flying. Image credit: Cweyer via Wikimedia

Sure, you can remember some airlines that prefer red or green colours. However, absolute majority of seats in the sky at any given time are some shade of blue. Why is that? Well, you have to remember that colours are very influential to your emotions and blue happens to have a calming effect. Boeing says that blue is so popular in its planes because it actually helps combatting the fear of flying. Of course, you can still remember terrified passengers in some of your flights regardless of what the colour of the seats was, but psychologists say that mood in the airplane would be a lot different if airlines didn’t consider the power of colour.

Blue makes us just that little bit more peaceful. The sky is blue – even if it is cloudy, you will still see some shade of blue when looking up. This makes our brain produce more dopamine, reduces blood pressure, helps us relax and sleep. Of course, effects are not very strong at all and a lot of different factors play a role in people freaking out when the plane encounters some turbulence. But it is one of the little tricks airlines have to use to make the journey a little bit more pleasant for everyone. However, as you already know, some airlines don’t think psychological effects of the blue colour are that important and stick to the colour scheme that is more unique or has some symbolic meaning.

It is not just airlines that take advantage of the psychological effects of the blue colour. There is a lot of blue in hospitals, schools, libraries, waiting rooms, offices and other establishments. While the advantages may be debatable, it is worth a try, because it doesn’t cost any money – the place needs some kind of carpets, so may as well be blue.

But what can you do if the blue if not helping you to supress your fear of flying?

Prepare yourself. Educate yourself about flying so that you would know what to expect. Read about how safe air travel is and how tough planes are. Turbulence is not dangerous. Although annoying, it is not going to hurt you or the plane. The more you know, the less afraid you’re going to be.

Convince yourself you are not afraid. That is a weird psychological trick. Lie to yourself that you cannot wait for the flight and how much you’re going to enjoy it. When you’re in the plane, try ignoring your fear – put some effort into it. Convince yourself that it is just a casual experience and there is nothing to be afraid of.

Talk about something else. There are plenty of people around you – maybe someone’s up for a chat? Don’t talk about the flight or your fear. Tell them where you are going, what you do for a living, ask them questions. You will find it comforting and maybe will make new friends.

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