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Poland to Invest in “Smog-Free Towers” Capable of Purifying Air and Producing “Smog Rings” as Souvenirs

Posted March 6, 2018

Smog is an intimate ‘friend’ of many densely-populated areas across the globe. Apart from reduced visibility, disagreeable smell, and visually displeasing appearance, smog is also a well-known detriment to human health.

The potent mix of pollutants found in smog have been implicated in the development of respiratory disorders, damage to the lungs, and cardiovascular disease.

Despite the myriads of researchers from around the world working on a number of different solutions to urban air pollution, the going has been tough so far.

As a contribution to addressing the issue, Dutch artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde had recently developed a device he calls “smog-free tower” ­– a 7-metre tall aluminium structure capable of purifying the air of the surrounding area.

“I wanted to create a place where citizens, makers, NGOs, and governments can [sic] experience clean air ­– the bubble of clean air where people can think, meet, and think together how to make the whole city smog-free,” said Roosegaarde.

Dutch invention rids the air of smog and makes rings out of condensed particulate matter to be worn as souvenirs. Image credit: Studio Roosegaarde.

The tower is not unlike a vacuum cleaner, albeit one which relies on a patented technology that employs positive ions to hoover-up environmental pollutants and store them inside the tower.

Clean air is released back into the surrounding area through six-sided openings arranged across the core of the device.

The effectiveness of the tower has been validated by the results compiled by the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands.

According to Roosegaarde, his invention is capable of purifying around 30.000 m3 of air every hour, and requires little more electricity than your kitchen boiler (around 1170 watts).

As a token of goodwill towards the environment, you can also order a “smoke-free ring” ­– a ring embellished with a little cube of compressed particulate matter which is normally stored in the filter.

“By sharing a smog-free ring you donate a 1.000 m3 of clean air to the city where the smog-free tower is in”, said Roosegaarde. He also claims that his “smoke-free rings” have already been used as wedding rings by countless couples around the world.

So far, the tower has been tested in Rotterdam (which served as the launch city in 2015) and four cities in China. In February 2018, the city of Kraków, Poland is set to become the latest adopter.


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