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Ford invited fans of the Mustang to create custom “pony” art on Facebook

Posted March 1, 2018

Some people just cannot stand having their cars stock. While for some they are just too slow, others hate the idea that their car is not unique. And so personalization ensues. Ford has encouraged such behaviour with its Mustang – whether it was Boss 302 or the 1968 Pony edition, everyone got some customization options. Now Ford prepared a special personalization opportunity for all Mustang fans, even those that don‘t have a car.

Fans can create their unique pony art pieces and then get them printed on t-shirts, mugs or other merchandise. Image credit: Ford

In celebration of 2018’s model, Ford launched an art program on Facebook. Everyone can create their own Mustang art, which later may become real. People are offered an opportunity to put their creations on prints, clothing and even a limited-edition grille badge for their late-model Mustang. Furthermore, some art pieces may appear on billboards across the U.S. But even if none of these options seem to be attractive, you can create a humble art piece and share it with your friends.

Of course, people don’t have to create their pieces from scratch. There is a variety of style packs, including Shelby, Roush, Bullitt and RTR Vehicles. They have their own unique colours and styling features. Tshirts, mugs, prints and other physical representation of this fan art will be available, but the most hardcore Ford Mustang fans will probably look into getting a custom grille badge – the problem is that it is limited edition, only a 1000 will be made and they only fit Mustangs from 2015. Corey Holter, Ford car group marketing manager, said: “Driving a Mustang has always been about standing apart from the rest. This is a chance for Mustang fans everywhere to make their very own personalized pony and share it where potentially millions can see it”.

The 2018 Ford Mustang is a special vehicle. It has a variety of personalization option. For example, this Mustang has 12-inch LCD instrument cluster, which allows driver to change colours of lighting according to his preference. The new Mustang is inevitably going to be a fast car, especially with its new drag strip mode, which will make quarter-mile times even greater. V8 engine will be loud and angry as always, especially with the new performance exhaust system that changes the exhaust note based on selected drive mode. Don’t be alarmed – quite mode is available.

The Ford Mustang has always been a marvellous car. Whether stock or modified it delivers performance and driving enjoyment. It also loves attention, featuring aggressive styling and loud exhaust note. Hopefully, people who purchase these custom grille badges love attention as well.


Source: Ford

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