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Free Alternatives to Samsung Data Migration for Windows 10

Posted February 27, 2018

Receive an error about Samsung Data Migration in Windows 10 when cloning a disk? Now try its free alternatives to effectively migrate data to your Samsung SSD.

Disclaimer: please always make backup copy of your files before using any of advices provided here. If not sure, seek a qualified assistance before proceeding on your own!

Samsung Data Migration Windows 10

In the fast developing hard disk market, HDD has been losing its popularity but SSD is playing an important role due to its outstanding merits. Among multiple SSD brands, Samsung SSD is the superior since it combines the best hardware components, bringing top-ranking performance. Then, it is a smart choice to use a Samsung SSD as a system disk for a better performance.

If you are running Windows 10 installed on an HDD, how to upgrade your disk to an SSD? To satisfy your need, Samsung Company has developed one tool called Samsung Data Migration to help you migrate your OS and data from your existing storage device to your new Samsung SSD in Windows 10/8/7.

However, you may suffer from Samsung Data Migration cloning failed issue. Actually, many users have complained this problem. Well then, what should you do to finish the data migration in Windows 10? Follow the solutions below now.

The Solutions to Fix Cloning Failed Error

Here we collect some possible solutions to fix Samsung Data Migration cloning error. Follow the instructions below:

1. Perform HDD defragment.

Input “disk defragment” in Windows 10 search box, find the defragment tool to run it.

2. Disable page files.

Right-click This PC, navigate to Properties > Advanced > Performance > Advanced. Then, click Change button to uncheck Automatically manage paging file size for all drives option. Next, select No Paging File.

3. Disable hibernation mode.

Note that hibernation mode is disabled by default in Windows 10. This way should be done by Command Prompt. Just run this tool, and type “powercfg /hibernate off”.

4. Disable system restore point files.

Right-click This PC in Windows 10, enter System Protection tab by clicking Properties and turn off Restore Point Protection for drive C.

5. Shrink or extend C partition a bit.

Then, connect your Samsung SSD to your computer and start a disk cloning again.

But sometimes these ways cannot help you to fix this issue. Here, we suggest using an alternative to Samsung Data Migration.

Alternatives to Samsung Data Migration Windows 10

While you search for this topic, you will find the Samsung SSD cloning software developed by these companies including Acronis, MiniTool and Paragon is recommended. Here, we will emphatically introduce you two programs from MiniTool Solution Ltd. which has been tested by us.

MiniTool ShadowMaker for SSD Migration Windows 10

MiniTool ShadowMaker is one of the best professional and free backup software for your Windows 10/8/7. It is straightforward and free totally. In addition, it can be a piece of PC cloning software. By means of its Clone Disk feature, you are able to clone the entire system disk to another hard drive without losing data. Unlike simple copy & paste, disk cloning allows you to boot your PC without operating system and application re-installation.

1. Run MiniTool ShadowMaker Free Edition and choose to manage your local computer.

2. Enter Tools page and choose Clone Disk

3. Enter the following window, click a corresponding module to choose source disk and target disk for Samsung SSD migration. Ensure that there are no files saved on your Samsung SSD, otherwise, cloning process will delete them.

4. Then, this free backup software will begin the cloning process.

MiniTool Partition Wizard – Samsung Data Migration Software Windows 10

MiniTool Partition Wizard, another hard drive cloning software for Windows, also offers you the best cloning experience. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful features, you still have an ability to do Samsung data migration in Windows 10 for better performance.

To migrate Windows 10 to your Samsung SSD, this free cloning software provides you with two features, for example, Migrate OS to SSD/HD and Copy Disk.

  • If you want to only migrate system partitions from HDD to SSD, or migrate the entire system disk data to SSD, we suggest using Migrate OS to SSD/HD which is quite useful.
  • Copy Disk is useful to clone system disk or data disk to another hard drive.

1. Run MiniTool Partition Wizard to the main interface, and choose a proper one to start Samsung SSD migration in Windows 10. Here take the first feature as an example.

2. Please determine which migration mode you want.

3. Select your Samsung SSD as the target disk to store the source content.

4. Specify a copy option and review the changes you have made.

5. Know how to boot your Windows 10 from the target SSD.

6. Execute all operations by hitting Apply button.


In conclusion, data migration from HDD to SSD is not complex. If you suffer from cloning failed error with Samsung Data Migration, don’t worry. Just try some ways to fix or use an alternative to achieve your aim.

Written by Anna Lan

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