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Price tag of the Porsche Mission E revealed – should Tesla be worried about its Model S?

Posted February 22, 2018

Electric car market is getting very hot. Electric cars are benefiting from government policies, aimed at increasing affordability of electric vehicles. However, not every electric car has to be affordable, cheap and cheerful. Porsche Mission E will be an impressive performance sedan, which is far from inexpensive. However, Porsche has recently announced the price of the Mission E and everyone got a bit surprised – it was much less than predicted.

Prices of Porsche Mission E are going to start from 75 thousand dollars. Image credit: Porsche

Previously Porsche has said that the price of the Mission E will be somewhere around 85 thousand dollars. This may sound like a lot, because it is, but not for an electric car. In fact, when people heard these numbers everyone kind of agreed that this is probably reasonable, having in mind the weight of Porsche’s name. However, now Porsche is saying that the Mission E is going to start from 75 thousand USD.

Mission E cockpit – the car is going to be just a little slower than the fastest Tesla Model S. Image credit: Porsche

Of course, the starting price is not what people are interested in – Mission E I not just a Panamera with electric engines. It is a brand new design with its own style and character. That 75 thousand dollar price tag, which will blow up as soon as the buyers touch the options list, puts the Mission E into direct competition against Tesla Model S P100D.

Porsche is planning to start the production of the Mission E sometime next year and make 15-20 thousand cars every year. Image credit: Porsche

Tesla Model S P100D may not have such a fancy badge, history or luxury on its side, but it does have a few advantages. Firstly, it is quicker. It can hit 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds, while the Mission E will reach that sort of speed in a second more. It is likely that the Porsche is going to be significantly heavier and more luxurious, which will reduce its sporting potential at least a little bit. However, Mission E will manage a longer range of over 500 km. But the most important characteristic is that Porsche Mission E will be able to reach 80 % of battery charge in just 15 minutes. This car will have a normal charging port as well as wireless charging technology.

A video about Mission E design

Paying the basic price will get you a basic Mission E. It will have 402 hp, which is a respectable amount. However, the quickest and most exciting version will push 670 horse power, turning all four wheels. Porsche is planning the Mission E to enter production sometime next year. The plan is to produce 15-20 thousand cars every year. Having in mind a relatively low price, it should not run out of buyers.

Should Tesla be worried? Did it make a mistake directing some of its attention to new models such as Model X, 3, Y, Roadster, semi-truck and even a pickup truck? Is it trying to bite a bigger piece of the market than it can chew? Well, time will tell, but when the Mission E will enter production and hit the showrooms, Tesla may have even stronger positions because of this production offensive.

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