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How to Work with the G-code

Posted February 12, 2018

What commands to use when working with the Endurance laser?

In order to make a contour image for engraving or cutting, we advise to prepare the G-code in advance.

The properly made G-code will allow you to choose the optimal parameters for cutting or engraving.

There are 2 plug-ins that will allow you to prepare a high-quality G-code from the Inkscape program:

  • Endurance Laser G-code
  • J Tech Photonic Laser tool

Both plug-ins and the Inkscape program are available on the Endurance website:

Some time ago we made a video demonstrating how to prepare an image for laser engraving and cutting using Inkscape

In this article I’d like to tell about the G-code and commands to be used.

The commands are devided into two groups:
G – Preparatory (main) commands;
М – Auxiliary (technological) commands.

Parameters of these commands: 
X – Coordinate of the trajectory point along the X axis [G0 X100 Y0 Z0]
Y – Coordinate of the trajectory point along the Y axis [G0 X0 Y100 Z0]
Z – Coordinate of the trajectory point along the X axis [G0 X0 Y0 Z100]
E – Coordinate of the plastic extrusion point [G1 E100 F100]
P – Command parameter [M300 S5000 P280]
S – Command parameter [G04 S15]
F – Command parameter, feed (speed) [G1 Y10 X10 F1000]
G – commands
G0 – Idle pass [G 0 X 10]
G1 – Coordinated movement along the X Y Z E axes [G 1 X 10]
G4 – Pause in seconds [G4 S15]
G28 – Home command – head parking [G28 Y0 X0 Z0]
G90 – Use of absolute coordinates [G90]
G91 – Use of relative coordinates [G91]
G92 – Setting of the present given position [G92]


Additional list of commands (checked for GRBL 0.9i)

G-code  Name - description

G00 Fast positioning

G01 Linear interpolation

G02 Clockwise interpolation

G03 Counter clockwise interpolation

G04 Dwell

G10 Programmed data input

G17 XY surface selection

G18 ZX surface selection

G19 YZ surface selection

G20 Programming in inches

G21 Programmimg in mm

G28 Home position return (zero)

G30 Seconary home return (ref pt)

G40 Tool radius correction off

G43 Negative tool hight shift compensation

G49 Tool length correction compensation

G53 Device's coordinate system

G54-G59 Work coordinate systems (WCS)

G61 Correct stop, modal

G80 Cancel completed cycle

G90 Absolute programmimg

G90 Fixed cycle for roughing (Z-axis accent)

G91 Incremental programming

G92 The position register from zero to the top of the tool

G92 Threading cycle, simple cycle

G94 Feed rate per minute

M00 Mandatory stop

M02 End of program

M03 Spindle on (clockwise rotation)

M04 Spindle off (counter clockwise rotation)

M05 Spindle (laser) stop

M08 Cooling system

M09 Cooling off

M30 End of program with return to the top part of the program


How to work with with the G-code for the Endurance MakeBlock XY engraver

G00 // positioning

G04 P0 // pause, delay setting at 0.

M05 S0 // laser off

G90 G21 // step specifying in mm.


G00 X5 Y5 // positioning along X and Y.

G04 P0 // pause, delay setting at 0.

M03 S255 // laser turning on and max.power setting

G04 P0 // pause, delay setting at 0.


G01 X50 Y10 F1500 // laser head shift by 5 cm along X and by 1 cm along Y, speed setting at 1500

G04 P0 // pause, delay setting at 0.

M05 S0 // laser turning off


G04 P0 // pause, delay setting at 0.

M05 S0 // laser turning off

G00 // positioning


M02 // end of the program

Useful links and materials about G-code

Instruction and image preparation in G-code:

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