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A unique exoskeleton that helps to overcome knee problems: KineticStep

Posted February 12, 2018

The evolution gave a human being such precious gift as legs, which move in accordance with physical properties of a pendulum, and their potential is not fully unlocked yet. The thing is that only insignificant friction force resists free continuous movement of a pendulum and rotation of a wheel.

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When developing KineticStep, the key task was to give a man a chance to walk as easily and efficiently as a wheel rolls. However, having solved the main biomechanics problem – optimization of transportation of the general center of man’s mass, the design based on pendulum mechanism interaction also revealed a number of positive effects applicable in medicine. Load on legs joints and spinal column reduced significantly. Ability to walk without knees bending promises possibility of exoskeleton efficient use in case of knee joint injuries or diseases.


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