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How Big Data Is set To Impact on How We Conduct business In The Future

Posted January 9, 2018

Image credit: Camelia.boban, Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY-SA-3.0

The growth of any commercial business enterprise is based on the information available. Business owners who perceive the advent of big data as a continuation of the trends in corporate information are utterly wrong. Having that kind of perception is the same as thinking that the abacus performs in the same way as a supercomputer or the stone tablet is similar to the computer tablet. Due to the advent of technological innovations such as Google BigQuery and the birth of the internet at the start of the 21st century, small business enterprises and big corporations can now access more data regarding their business operations than ever before. However, the importance of accessing all this data has a wider scope than just more knowledge than we already have.

The shift in the quantity of available information for businesses today leads to a change in the quality of business operations. Access to more information enables business owners, and managers do more things that were perceived to be impossible just a few decades ago. Although there are limits of what we can achieve using big data, there is a need for an overhaul of the way we collect and process information and reduce the rate of the difficulty of performing those tasks. As big data makes inroads in the way we conduct business in the 21st century, no industrial sector or any other human endeavor will be immune to the shake ups that are about to take place. In this article, we are going to look at the ways through which bid data is set to transform how we conduct business.

Every business will take data as an asset

Every business enterprise collects data nowadays. If your company accepts debit cards or credit cards, enjoys a presence on social media platforms or has a website, then you can be able to collect tons of information regarding your products and customer service. Even a single shop can receive information from the interaction with its consumers regarding customer shopping experience and the traffic experienced on their website while browsing. This means that all business enterprises need a big data plan and strategy and plan and how to collect information, process, analyze and protect it. This will also mean that savvy big data service providers will render their expertise even to the smallest of business enterprises at a fee. Industries and companies that never imagined that big data would never work to give them a competitive advantage will start scrambling to have big data incorporated into their business operations. Data will henceforth become an asset to companies as it will provide a foundation on how to grow and improve long-term.

Venturing into new markets and consumer intelligence

Every firm should be cognizant of the fact that their competitors know a lot of information regarding your product and operations. Moreover, the amount of data that the companies you do business with have about you is set to increases time goes by, and technology continues to evolve. Big data will enable companies to get more insight about the tastes and preferences of the consumer and the incentives to employees to increase their market share and boost sales volumes and profit margins. Big data will also help business organizations to maintain higher standards in the privacy policies and improve on all the security systems that are necessary for user data protection.

Improve internal operations efficiency

Big data has a tremendous potential that business enterprises can take advantage of in improving their employee’s performance by employing better tracking systems. Companies can also track the performance of their machines using sensors and have their routes of delivery better optimized. Firms can make use of sensors to track and record machine performance and track the shipment of their customer deliveries and consignments. Business corporations have now started the use of sensors to monitor the health, stress, and movements of their employees when there are at their workstation to improve productivity.

Written by Lindsey Patterson

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