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Workplace Mental Health Care Is Hot for 2018 (Infographic)

Posted December 26, 2017

As 2018 approach, the Boss Magazine has identified Top workplace health trends employers are recommended to keep track of. Why should they?

It seems that the economic situation in the leading markets will continue to improve, making hunting for talents tougher. In the US, the economy growth is observed coupled with reduced unemployment rate and a tendency towards an increase in average employee salaries. According to Fortune, this leads to more than ample job opportunities for many professionals in the US, forcing companies to make an earnest effort in order to retain their talents. As the result, 87% of employers consider improved employee retention as their top priority. Even UK employers have reported about their intention to go for talent hunting in 2018, despite their Brexit-inspired anxiety – 51% of them is going to grow their workforce.

Thus, while employers are forced to struggle for skilled workforce, employees have a kind of the upper hand. And what do they expect from their workplaces in 2018? It turns out that workplace well-being is one of the key factors for both employees and employers, while investing in employee health is a global trend, also covering mental health awareness.

The latter aspect has been growing in importance over last years, influenced by multiple studies, showing devastating statistics on the topic. Do you know that in the UK over 5 million workers suffer from a mental health condition each year? While 77% of employees have experienced symptoms of poor mental health in their lives, this costs about £26 billion per year to UK employers! In the US, businesses lost $30 billion per year in days away associated with work-related stress. Moreover, this results in the fact that only 2 in 5 employees deliver their peak performance in the workplace.

So, there is no wonder that employers are anxious toremedy the situation, developing and improving their workplace well-being programs. In response to their needs, specialists in the field offer their tips for the improving. The above-mentioned Boss Magazine suggests that employers should focus on the following challenges, which are predicted to become critical in 2018:

  • Sleeping at work
  • Aging workforce
  • Excessive technology use
  • Work/personal life balance
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Personalized wellbeing
  • Stress reduction

The magazine assumes that gym memberships, on-site fitness centers, meditation, mental health counseling and some other steps taken by companies will help their employees deal with work-related stress. But some stress triggers are not work-related and rather associated with global factors. In this regard, it is interesting to take look at this employees’ worries evolution infographic by WorkExaminer.

The company has developed a nice work time tracking application designed to help employers run their business smoothly, while increasing their staff efficiency. The developers believe that their app contributes to mitigating workplace stress by workflow streamlining and technology use management. Well, this is just in line with the trends specified by the Boss Magazine and a digital privacy approach suggested by Entrepreneur.

Written by Louis Pasture

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