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Exercise in the office may save you from shoulder and neck pain

Posted December 26, 2017

People nowadays want a calm office job. While it may be physically easier, it is not exactly healthy. Sitting for long hours is bad for your heart and, as this new study from the University of Queensland, can cause extensive neck pain. If you look around in the Office, you will see many people quietly rubbing their necks, but some exercise may prevent this issue from setting in.

Shoulder and neck pain is a normal part of life for office workers. Image credit: Simon James via Wikimedia(CC BY-SA 2.0)

You are sitting upright with your shoulders tense as you have to keep your forearms at chest level for eight hours per day. Your chair is uncomfortable, your boss is angry and the deadline is slowly creeping in pushing you into stress. Your shoulders and neck hurt and no rubbing can help. However, scientists say that it is kind of your fault. Scientists say that a simple solution of regular workplace exercising is enough to alleviate your shoulder and neck pain, making your long hours at work safer and more enjoyable for your body.

Some simple neck and shoulder-strengthening exercises can help prevent shoulder and neck pain after long hours of computer work. Scientists invited some office workers to participate in neck and shoulder-strengthening exercises at their workplace. These people suffered from neck or shoulder pain, associated with their posture and stationary position. Scientists found that those who participated in two thirds of these exercises experienced significant reduction in shoulder and neck pain compared with those who participated in less. And, of course, regular fitness exercises are helpful too – those who hit the gym more often rarely suffer from neck and shoulder pain.

Businesses around the world are interested more and more in improving workplace ergonomics, especially since neck pain is actually ranked as the fourth most common disability, measured by years of life lost due to disability. However, little research has been done on this subject. Dr Xiaoqi Chen, author of the study, said: “Before our work, evidence on office workers’ neck pain was limited to a single high-quality trial that found combined neck endurance and stretching exercises were effective for office workers at risk”. And so, if you are one of these unhappy office workers rubbing their necks and shoulders all the time, you should look into exercising more.

What kind of exercises should you do? You may have to look for internet’s help on this matter. But knowing that this exercise must strengthen your shoulder and neck should make it an easy search.


Source: University of Queensland

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