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What is the difference between a normal Opel Insignia and the one prepared for taxi service?

Posted December 24, 2017

Most taxi cabs in the world were created by adding specialized equipment to a normal car. However, some automotive manufacturers are offering taxi cars in their range. For example, Opel is including taxi variants of Insignia Sports Tourer and Insignia Country Tourer into its range. But how do they differ from normal cars?

Opel Insignia is now available as a taxi – it will fulfill this role together with Opel Vivaro and Zafira. Image credit: Opel

Firstly, these estates are perfect for taxi service as is. They are extremely spacious and have the highest safety rating. Furthermore, new engine options guarantee efficiency and low costs of operation for the companies. However, many cars can be described like that – what do taxi variants get as standard?

Opel says that Insignia Sports Tourer Taxi Selection offers adjustable front seats that have been praised by several renowned automotive journalists, air conditioning system, which regulates temperature in the rear footwell as well, and connected system for the driver. However, spec up to the Taxi Dynamic variant and you’ll be getting 8-inch screen with Navi 900 IntelliLink and even more comfortable ergonomic front seats. These seats are important both for the front passenger and the driver. Drivers typically spend a lot of time in their cabs and so need a comfortable place to work and rest. These seats can be adjusted in many ways to conform to the shape of the spine.

However, some comfort equipment is not what makes a taxi a taxi. Taxi Insignias will be available with a number of taxi-specific options, such as taxi alarm system, electrical connections for the taximeter and roof sign, an on and off switch for the roof sign, power supply for the radio as well as protective foil on the door and boot sills. Opel will kindly supply a taximeter too, if the customer so desires. Finally, these taxi cars will be offered in light ivory lacquer, which is easily recognizable as a colour of a taxi car around the world.

You may be wondering, what is the advantage of buying a factory taxi car over making transformations yourself. Well, the factory quality is always likely to be slightly better than some after-market conversions. However, the big reason is that everything is covered with Opel warranty, which is a peace of mind for many taxi companies around the globe.


Source: Opel

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