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Volvo solved the problem of dead batteries in long-haul trucks

Posted December 23, 2017

Life of the trucker is not easy. You work entire day and you are forced to rest in a cramped cabin of the truck. You check your social media, watch a movie, cook yourself a nice meal and fall asleep just to wake up in the morning to find your truck battery is dead. Volvo Trucks are now offering a special option to prevent such mishaps completely.

Volvo Trucks will allow using the cabin equipment and personal devices freely, without fear of discharging truck’s battery. Image credit: Volvo Trucks

Most trucks have pretty substantial batteries. However, energy is always limited and if the truck driver is not careful enough it will go flat. Volvo is offering a solution – trucks can now be fitted with a new dual battery system. One battery is reserved for cranking the engine exclusively, while the other set of gel batteries is used to power such amenities as parking heater, parking cooler, refrigerator, media system and personal equipment including laptops, mobile phones and tablets. You know how many smart devices you have when you need to charge them and the increasing energy demand is the reason why gel batteries were selected.

Lead-acid batteries are still very much relevant today, but they are certainly not the latest word in technology. Gel batteries can maintain high concentrations of energy over the longer periods of time. This new system that is now offered by Volvo Trucks in the new Volvo FH and Volvo FM trucks in European markets is especially relevant in extremely cold and extremely hot climates. It is because currently drivers have to wake up at night to start their engines to charge the batteries because they are always using air conditioning or parking heaters. It is not only annoying, but also damaging for the environment, because even the idling truck can burn as much fuel as three litres per hour.

Gel batteries, according to Volvo, can last up to 10-15 times longer. They hold a higher energy concentration and, in this application, will reduce the number of engine starts and idling time. Companies are likely to be interested in this option, because it brings more comfort to the workplace of drivers and may potentially reduce fuel consumption on longer trips. Samuel Nerdal, Product Manager Electrical and Electronics at Volvo Trucks, said: “Our battery system not only meets today’s high demands for a secure electricity supply, it also contributes to increased vehicle uptime and lower operating costs. This is a solution that will benefit many customers”.

Being a truck driver is somewhat in between of a lifestyle and a very hard job. However, this is the best time to consider this career path, because now there are more laws protecting drivers and truck technology is moving forward in leaps. Living in the cabin has never been this comfortable before.


Source: Volvo Trucks

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