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Global power and propulsion manufacturers to deliver leading technology to Australian industry

Posted December 21, 2017

To support future Australian Naval programs and the development of a continuous naval shipbuilding capability, BAE Systems announced today that it has signed an agreement to create an Australian Power and Propulsion Team (P&P Team).

Type 26 Global Combat Ship for AustraliaThe P&P Team, which includes David Brown Santasalo, L3, Naval Group, MTU/ Penske and Rolls Royce, each an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of Power and Propulsion systems, have committed to work collaboratively with BAE Systems to transfer knowledge and capability to Australia with the potential to create hundreds of new, highly skilled jobs.

Since P&P systems are key components in the design of modern Anti-Submarine Warfare frigates, the objectives of the P&P Team for future programs will be to:

  • Transfer technology and intellectual property to ensure Australia becomes a regional leader in the construction, maintenance and development of Electrical Power and Propulsion systems
  • Create hundreds of Australian jobs through the growth of manufacturing, assembly test and integration of P&P equipment systems in Australia and set up and/or expansion of local OEM offices in Australia
  • Work with local companies, including SMEs, to help develop their capability to support the development of P&P systems
  • Partner with Australian academic institutions to develop the next generation of engineers who will work on P&P systems as part of the SEA 5000 program and explore the potential for technical innovation of P&P systems
  • Investigate the potential for the creation of physical, onshore test and integration facilities to enable operational and maintenance training and leave an enduring facility as a focus for Australian P&P capability and
  • Create pathways to developing a viable P&P systems export industry, positioned to sell into naval shipbuilding programs around the world.

The P&P Team will work to deliver intellectual property and expertise, making it available to industry for defence purposes and creating a collaborative team structure focused on delivering the best P&P solutions to the nation.

Working with the Commonwealth Government and the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), P&P Team members will bring their combined expertise of test and proving Power & Propulsion systems on such platforms as the Royal Navy’s Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carriers, optimising the test, training and maintenance solutions for future Australian naval platforms.

BAE Systems SEA 5000 Managing Director, Nigel Stewart said: “Between our respective companies we have significant global expertise in power and propulsion systems. We are all committed to further develop these technologies in Australia to help create and sustain advanced manufacturing jobs and to help develop skills that will be attractive not just in Australia but for the global market.”

Rob Madders, General Manager Australia & New Zealand, Rolls Royce, said: “Growing Australian capability through the construction and maintenance of the complex systems that enable a naval frigate to operate, requires the OEM to commit to fully transferring required technical information. Through the P&P Team, Rolls Royce and the other companies which BAE Systems has assembled for its P&P team, will do precisely that.”

BAE Systems is also partnering with Australian academic institutions to develop the next generation of engineers who will work on P&P systems as part of BAE Systems’ bid for the SEA 5000 program should BAE Systems bid be successful, and explore the potential for technical innovation of P&P systems for the benefit of Australia’s sovereign defence industry.

Source: BAE Systems

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