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Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

Posted December 19, 2017

It’s no secret that linear actuators were the key to robotics experiencing its current boom. Other technological advances have also helped, but it was ultimately the use of linear actuators in automation which really helped show us what robots could become. When robots first began appearing, they were heavy and slow, and only suited to the most basic tasks (usually ones which didn’t require much in the way of finesse). Linear actuators have changed robots into machines which can trusted with a much wider range and variety of tasks, and they are now used in almost every industry, from manufacturing to teaching. Robotics have changed the way in which we interact with the world, and they will likely continue to do so as they evolve.

A modern brain-controlled prosthetic hand. Image credit: JHU/APL via Wikimedia, Public Domain

Speed and Accuracy

Linear motion is known for being created by linear actuators – equipment which changes the rotational movement of a motor into straight movement – and this is the key to the success of robotics. Linear actuators are strong and quick, much stronger and quicker than a human could be, even if they were at peak efficiency.

Linear actuators allow for accuracy at high speeds, or at any time. Having linear actuators in robots therefore allows them to be faster, stronger and more accurate than they were before. This change has meant that they can be used in industries which require delicacy, such as car industries, and also in industries which require this level of accuracy over long periods of time.


Linear actuators are strong and durable – one reason they are so popular is that they don’t need much in the way of maintenance or repair. The use of linear actuators in robots is a benefit because it can cut down on costs significantly. A linear actuator not needing changed or maintained so much means that there will be less money down the drain while it waits to be repaired, and more money to be earned while it works.

Another benefit in terms of cost is that a fast linear actuator can maintain speed and accuracy over a longer period of time than a human could over the same time period. Robotics can save a lot of money in terms of manpower by reducing the amount of time spent on a task, and also by being able to work for longer at that task.


Having more automation in an office or manufacturing process means that the people in charge can depend on the work being done. Human employees need time off, and they can have emergencies, which take them away from their work for varying lengths of time. Robots and automatic processes are always present, and can always work, giving the business owner the ability to rely on their work.

It Frees up Employee Time

Having a more automated space in business means, usually, that the smaller and more repetitive tasks are taken over by robots. We do not yet have the expertise to create robots which can take over all the jobs within an office, so they are still in the background.

Having all the minor yet necessary processes in an office automated means that the employees have more time to spend on the more creative aspects of their jobs, which can in turn lead to greater innovation and energy.

Less Support is Needed

Robots, with linear actuators or without, need much less support throughout the working process. Leaving aside any issues with their hardware or software, generally a robot can be programmed to undertake certain tasks and then left in peace to do its job. This is a benefit because humans in the same position need to be trained specifically to use pieces of equipment, and trained in their upgrades, which can be a long process. Even when they do learn how to use everything, and all the processes for doing so, they will still need occasional support because humans forget things, and mislay things.

Additionally, when something breaks in an office, normally the workers need to bring someone in from outside to fix it, halting production until this happens. A robot could be programmed with the ability to fix the equipment they are working with, so that if any problems arise, it could simply fix them and resume work, with less time being lost.

More Control

Robots allow for more control over just about every process. Linear actuators mean that the process of automation can be trusted to produce work which is consistent and accurate down to the last detail. Similarly, having robots means that they can be programmed with the processes which need to be undertaken, and also with the repairs which might need to be made, means that production itself can be controlled much more easily, given that it can all be handled by the one person (or robot).

Having robots, which combine both the means of production and the means of repair, means that fewer businesses need to rely on outside help for any of their work. Being able to have everything under one roof means that it is much easier to control what is going on, as there is no need to bring anything into a situation which is ordered exactly as the business would like it to be.


There are endless benefits to robots having linear actuators – many more than this article can list. These benefits are mainly surrounding the actual means of production itself, given the way that linear actuators are built to be strong and durable, but there are also benefits for the people and businesses which surround the immediate means of production. This is only the start of what we can do with robotics – as our knowledge of technology advances, so too will the benefits for everybody surrounding the robotics and their methods of working, whatever they end up doing.

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