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New innovation from British battery storage developer delivers even greater efficiency and flexibility from 2nd life EV batteries

Posted December 10, 2017

Image credit: Connected Energy

Connected Energy, a UK-based pioneer in site-integrated energy storage solutions, has successfully proven a new technique that enables multiple 2 nd life electric vehicle (EV) batteries to be operated in series.

The Company says its latest innovation delivers greater flexibility from its award-winning E-STOR storage technology – thus making the system even more affordable and accessible to a wider range industrial and commercial energy users.

This innovative approach raises the net resultant voltage to a level where up to 50% more power can be drawn from the existing DC/AC inverter. Crucially, it also doubles the energy available.

For end users, the benefits are two-fold. Firstly, this offers a further cost reduction in £/kW. This is coupled with an increase in the versatility of EV battery packs when used in static storage applications.

Connected Energy’s CEO Matthew Lumsden comments:

“This an exciting and logical next stage in the development of our E-STOR battery storage technology. At a technical level, we have achieved our objectives by creating algorithms and strategies that enable us to control each battery separately via its ‘OEM’ Battery Management System when battery packs are connected in series. This facilitates the safe, effective and efficient control of second life EV battery packs when operated in a series string.”

Connected Energy is based in Newcastle upon Tyne with a technical centre near Norwich. Reuse of electric vehicle batteries is at the heart of its E-STOR battery storage solution. Second life enables greater exploitation of the carbon and energy embedded in the manufacturing of the batteries, adding to the sustainability credentials of electric vehicles as well as the electricity system. Using second life batteries also reduces system costs – making energy storage systems financially viable for a range of customers.

Source: Connected Energy 

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