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Exciting Tech Products and Gadgets That Could be Coming in CES 2018

Posted December 10, 2017

The holiday season is upon us, and this means different things for different people. For most, it means a joyous time to gather with loved ones and spend quality time together. It could also mean a time to explore all of the exciting products of the year and hurriedly shop for sale-priced gifts. Then for some people, this time of year means that we are close to a whole new group of exciting and innovative products to come.

Image credit: Intel Free Press via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

For techies, December means that CES 2018 is just a few short weeks away, once all the holiday festivities are over. The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a trade show in which innovators and tech giants unveil the newest and most highly anticipated devices, gadgets and electronics of the coming year. The show takes place every January in Las Vegas, and this year the dates will be January 9 through January 12, as well as two additional days just for media on the 7th and 8th.

While not every technophile will have the opportunity to visit the show in person, the entire world will be holding its breath in anticipation of the latest lines of consumer electronics to dazzle and revolutionize our culture. It is the premier event of the season in the world of technology, and all of the big boys will be there. Although we cannot know for certain what products and upgrades these tech giants will roll out this year, we can make some educated guesses about what may be expected. The following are a few of those possibilities from some of the biggest players in the tech game.


Although they have been one of the biggest names in technology for quite some time, Google rarely makes a significant presence at CES. But that is all going to change this year, as Google is expected to have a large booth at the 2018 show, and the world cannot wait to see what innovations caused this uncharacteristic move.

While we can only guess at what the increased presence may mean, there are a few possibilities. Google may be looking to give a close-up look at their newest line of hardware such as the Google Home Mini smart speaker and the exciting new Daydream View VR headset. They could also be planning to give an in-depth display of the Pixel 2 XL, which may be Google’s response to the iPhone X. While the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 price is still going to entice many buyers, Google is becoming well-known for revolutionizing the smartphone game.


As opposed to Google’s relatively quiet presence at CES events in the past, Samsung has always been a major focus at the events, and for good reason. They often unveil a number of innovative new devices and concepts, and some have been downright mind-blowing. The perfect example is Samsung’s bendable TV, which was displayed for the first time at CES 2016.

This year, the bendable concept may make another appearance, but this time it may be in the form of a smartphone. Although CES is not known specifically as a major phone show — unlike MWC and others — Samsung has unveiled phones like the Galaxy A3 and other mid-range products there in the past. Since CES saw the original debut of the bendable screen, it would make sense that the phone is unveiled there. It is also possible, but unlikely, that the new Galaxy X or Galaxy 9 could be seen there.


One of the most notable and exciting products at last year’s CES, LG unveiled the OLED W7 Signature Series, perhaps the thinnest OLED ever. With the major impression that their TV tech has made in the past, it is likely that LG will feature even more of this stunning technology at CES 2018.

While it cannot be confirmed, it is also possible that we see a major smartphone unveiling as well. The LG G7 is rumored to be launching very soon, and LG has displayed new smartphones at CES in the past. It would definitely be an interesting show if rival Samsung unveils their flagship phone at the same time in which LG rolls out their newest model.

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