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Scania introduced a new line of city trucks – improved drivability, safety and performance

Posted December 8, 2017

We got used to talking about delivery trucks of the future. They are electric, streamlined, very efficient and good-looking. However, where are they? We don‘t see them in our streets yet. For the time being we are still using good old combustion engine technology. Now Scania introduced a new line of city trucks.

Scania has just unveiled an entire new range of city trucks. Image credit: Scania

They are, of course, powered by a good old 7-litre engine (it is new, though). These trucks feature a lower cabin and significantly improved visibility – something so important for city driving. Scania says that these vehicles are also a lot easier to drive and manoeuvre in tight city traffic. Handling, steering and driveability of the new Scania city trucks should be second to none and the drivers should enjoy improved working conditions. For example, lower cabin, kneeling mode and lower stairs improve the ingress into the cabin significantly. This is very important in short-haul operations that see drivers coming in and out of the truck quite frequently.

Scania paid a lot of attention to the safety. For example, these new city trucks have superb visibility as well as lower engine tunnel. The later feature allows the driver to leave the vehicle through the passenger side, effectively avoiding city traffic. Scania also offers City Safe Window – a small window on the lower portion of the passenger door, which allows detecting nearby pedestrians. The new CrewCab is probably going to be used mainly by fire fighters. They, of course, drive quickly and so roll over curtain airbags are available. This version of the city truck is going to seat up to eight passengers. Comfort has not been forgotten either – crew members get a separate climate control system, which will become useful when wearing those heavy fire fighting clothes.

Christian Levin, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, said: “The released models have been universally praised and awarded for their innovative features and overall performance and we are certain that the new urban range will be equally successful”.

While these are not exactly eco-friendly trucks, they do feature fuel economy improved by 10 %. This is still a big step, since companies do a lot of miles in these trucks. However, in long-haul operations Scania already has gas powered six-cylinder 13-litre engine, which is extremely eco-friendly and almost as easy to maintain and operate. Maybe in the future this technology will become available in smaller trucks as well.


Source: Scania

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