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Toyota FT-AC – a perfect car for adventurer that will never be

Posted December 7, 2017

Once the weekend starts people from the cities evacuate to the mountains. Our life can be very stressful and it is very important to find an outlet. Toyota believes it is outdoors and therefore presents Future Toyota Adventure Concept, or FT-AC – a perfect car for a modern day outdoorsman.

Toyota FT-AC is designed for modern day adventurer. Image credit: Toyota

Toyota chose to debut this car at the Los Angeles Auto Show. It is because Los Angeles is surrounded by hills that attract thousands of people from the city to enjoy some outdoor activities and feel one with nature at least on weekends. That is what FT-AC is made for. It is an SUV, similar in design to the current Toyota’s line-up. It features a wide black grille, wide stance and enhanced wheel arches. In the front you can see three-piece lighting system. Fog lights can be taken out and used, for example, on a mountain bike. It is a very modern and very versatile design.

A bike rack can be stowed away in just seconds. Image credit: Toyota

FT-AC has a beefy roof rack to store all kinds of outdoor equipment. The car itself is an SUV, with short overhangs and a long wheelbase. It has protection in the front and rear for some serious off-roading. And if people decide to do so, they can record their entire adventure as there are cameras in side mirrors that can be taken out and used in a portable setting just like fog lights. Interestingly, LED marker lights, installed in the front corners of the vehicle, can act like flashes for these cameras in the side mirrors. There is even an integrated Wi-Fi hotspot that automatically uploads footage to cloud-based storage or allows live-streaming the adventure to online followers.

Probably the most interesting and unusual feature of the FT-AC is two action cameras mounted on the side mirrors. Image credit: Toyota

Toyota recognizes that most activities are likely to involve a bike (hence the removable fog lights and action cameras) and so at the rear of the vehicle there is a bike rack that can be stowed away in seconds. This is a very practical car, designed specifically with adventurers in mind. However, Toyota cannot say it will ever reach production and we can confirm that it is very unlikely. That is why the engine is not firmly decided either. Toyota says that FT-AC was designed to have a petrol engine with an advanced torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive system. This would allow FT-AC to have traction in various conditions, altering torque in all four wheels. However, if it is aimed at city people, it is not a given it would see any serious off-roading. Hybrid system is considered as well.

It is a shame that FT-AC probably will never reach a production life. It is a rugged-looking car that could be enjoyed by many people who love turning to nature to search for some serenity.


Source: Toyota

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