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Mercedes-Benz launched a virtual assistant that will help you to get to know your new car

Posted November 24, 2017

Modern cars are not easy to ooperate. They have so many functions it is easy to get overwhelmed and even younger drivers struggle to make use of everything they paid for. Sure, the dealerships are helpful and readin manual is advised, but now Mercedes-Benz is offering another innovative solution – the virtual assistant “Ask Mercedes”.

Augmented reality capabilities will help new owners to learn the fucntions of their cars faster. Image credit: Daimler

This is not just another app, providing lines from the user’s manual – “Ask Mercedes” is a chatbot with augmented reality functions. You can simply talk to it by asking questions or, a better solution is to take a picture of buttons or other devices in the car you want to know more about. Artificial Intelligence system will recognize the question and provide the best answer. Owners of the new E- or S-Class can also get a full tour of the interior of their cars – this will make getting used to the new vehicle that much more enjoyable. However, you can learn at your own time and pace at home – “Ask Mercedes” app works with social media and voice assistants as well.

Of course, voice recognition in this system is advanced as well – it recognizes questions said in a normal voice and formed in a variety of way. For example, you can ask very simply “What are driving modes in my car?” or “How can I reduce my fuel consumption?”, but you can also give it more difficult questions such as “Who is the head of Mercedes-Benz”. The answers are likely to be textual, but with many illustrations and videos. The app will also provide links to the manual or YouTube videos. Britta Seeger, member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, said: “We are creating a personalised customer experience that goes well beyond the vehicle. With innovative services such as ‘Ask Mercedes’, we are further expanding our digital ecosystem”.

The app was created after combining all the questions, asked in a variety of locations – from the inner city of London, to Pretoria in South Africa. Then artificial intelligence system was added to allow people to talk to the app, but voice recognition is only a part of its smart design. “Ask Mercedes” also features augmented reality capabilities – pointing smartphone’s camera to the dashboard or a specific control unit will reveal entire plan of the object, explaining functions and features.

Getting to know your new car is actually a lot of fun. However, many people give up easily and many functions get no use at all. With the help of apps like “Ask Mercedes” this could change.


Source: Daimler

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