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Art that’s truly moving – tape artists decorated a Neoplan double-decker

Posted October 28, 2017

You want people to see your art and what is a better way to achieve that than post it on a bus? An artist collective Klebebande used a double decker Neoplan Skyline as a canvas for an art piece reflecting city‘s skyline. Oh, and it is all made from tape.

Artists typically use a grid to transfer their art onto a bigger surface, but this time dimensions of tires, windows and rubber linings served as reference points. They used a variety of neon pink, black and gold tape 5-10 cm wide to create this impressive mosaic in just four days. While the canvas and the material used are unusual, the art piece is both modern and eye-catching. Bruno Kolberg, one of the artists, said: “The design is a very abstract interpretation of an urban space. It’s just like sitting on a coach, driving through a city, looking at the sky and the houses flying past you”.

Neoplan Skyliner double-decker was covered in tape in just 4 days. Image credit: MAN

Although it could have been any other big bus, MAN says that Neoplan matches this kind of art perfectly. It is so because Neoplan always pays a lot of attention to the aesthetics of its buses. According to MAN, Neoplan has always been making style icons. Even the unusual material of this art piece seems weirdly fitting in this application.

You have to come closer to really recognize the material used for this art piece. Image credit: MAN

Tape art appeared in the USA in the 1990s. For some time it remained an underground creative outlet for many beginner artists, but now it turned into many different directions. There are some artists who create street pieces, similar to graffiti, from nothing, but tape. But there is a branch of tape artists, who are trying to get established and recognized. They pay closer attention to the message they are conveying and try to improve the quality of their pieces. However, obvious limitation is temporary character of such pieces – this bus is going to inevitably shed its artsy skin.

One just has to wonder, what people think of this art work – do they appreciate it or it just seems to be another applied graphic?


Source: MAN

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