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Nixie Tube SHIELD for Arduino: bring to life any Nixie tubes and use with your projects!

Posted October 26, 2017

The Nixie Shield is a modular circuit board that piggyback onto your Arduino to install it with extra functionality. Shield have the same form-factor as the standard Arduino. The Nixie Shield allows an Arduino board to connect any nixie tube you want to use in your projects.

How to use

To use the shield, mount it on top of an Arduino board, then mount any nixie socket (with nixie tube) on top of the nixie shield. To upload sketches to the nixie “sandwich”, connect it to your computer with a USB cable as you normally would. Once the sketch has been uploaded, you need connect 12V external power supply and voila.

The Nixie Shield have extra functionality – external pins. All Arduino pins are available for use with different modules, breadboards (connected by jumper cables). You can use these pins with your projects.

What you can build

  • One tube clock
  • Nixie tube tester
  • Thermometer
  • Counter
  • Reminder
  • Unread Mail Count / Notifier
  • … and more

You can use nixie tubes with any of your project.


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