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How a new car name is selected? Seat shared the process of naming its new large SUV

Posted September 16, 2017

Car industry is a harsh business and one has to pick his shot wisely. You may not think it is important, but car manufacturers spend a decent amount of time thinking of good names for their products. Now Seat revealed what goes into naming a car properly and why it cannot be rushed process.

SEAT names its cars after cities and towns in Spain, but it also has to be easy to pronounce in all countries it is going to be sold in. Image credit: SEAT

So why is it so important? Seat, Spanish automobile manufacturer, invites you to think about naming your child. How would you choose a name for him? Most likely you would place several options on the table, would think about what qualities each name represents and how it will suit your kid throughout his life. Naming a car is very similar, except that there is a lot of technical work behind each option as well. Seat allowed brand’s fans to offer names for its third SUV, but the decision had to be made seriously and this is how it was done.

The name had to reflect car’s DNA. This means that the name has to fit the image of Seat, which is youthful, dynamic and passionate brand. But it also has to fit the character of SUV, which emphasizes comfort, presence and, possibly, size. Also, Seat has a tradition of naming its cars by some towns and cities in Spain – you just cannot go against it.

It must be easy to pronounce. Seat sells its cars in many countries in the world. The name must be easy to pronounce and read if you want your car to be called properly. It cannot be too long and it must be easy to remember. Also, since the new SUV is going to be sold in 80 countries, Seat made sure that the name they are choosing does not have a negative meaning in some language.

The name also has to be unique. Since the car is unique, the name has to be also. Not just for it to be distinguished more easily, but also for legal reasons. Seat has to check if the name it is considering is not registered trademark in some countries that it operates in. This means that 80 countries will have to be checked this time, which is actually not that big of a job.

Finally, car manufacturer has to listen to opinions. What emotions does a name invoke? A focus group experiment is conducted, asking people what they think about each name option, does it sound strong, does it match the character of the car and so on. Focus groups were gathered in several countries checking if the name and the car will be popular among the key Seat customers.

And now four finalists are chosen and the public is going to have to choose what is going to be the name of the large Seat SUV. Top contenders now are Alboran, Aranda, Avila and Tarraco. You can also participate in choosing the name by clicking here. On the other hand, do you think these names match the character of the large Seat SUV?


Source: SEAT

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