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Volvo declared a war on clutter in its new XC40 SUV – but did it win?

Posted August 27, 2017

Have you ever heard of Scandinavian minimalism? Northern European people really don‘t like cluttering their environment and it often translates into their cars. However, Volvo‘s of the past have been known to have too many buttons. Now the Swedish automaker is combating any kind of clutter inside the new XC40 small SUV.

All things have to be within arm’s reach, but not in sight. Image credit: Volvo

XC40 is a small, relatively affordable Volvo SUV, set to debut in the coming weeks. While it is going to be small, interior must be spacious and practical. This means that Volvo needs all the Scandinavian sensibility to maximize the space. Volvo understands that XC40 will live in a modern city and that is why in conducted a bit of a research, asking drivers from different cities around the world how they store their belonging in their car. Volvo quickly found out that most cars in this market segment are actually not very good in terms of storage space. In fact, they are often cluttered with things without a proper storing space.

Phones, keys and wallets are sliding all over the place in most cars, because there is no dedicated space or it is not conveniently accessible. Furthermore, many people travel with laptops and tablets, but there is no space to store them securely and conveniently. Volvo sorted this problem by moving loudspeakers away from the door panels and onto the dashboard. This allowed creating a large door pocket, perfect for a laptop, tablet or a couple of water bottles. XC40 is going to have dedicated spaces for coins, cards, charging cables, cup holders are going to actually hold cups and passengers will be able to charge their phones wirelessly or using a USB cable.

There are even a couple of drawers under the front seats, big enough for some electronic devices, and the glove box has a fold-away hook for take-away bags or other shopping. Even the trunk has some smart solutions. Conny Ewe Blommé, Senior Design Manager at Volvo Cars, explained: “In the trunk we have designed a smart floor system which can fold and separate your luggage and allows you to use the full luggage space without removing the floor from the car”. Of course, if the trunk is not big enough, you can quickly fold down the rear seats, obtaining a flat load bed for larger objects.

Volvo is aiming to keep all the useful object within arm’s reach, but out of sight at the same time. All should look nice and be convenient to use. XC40 is going to complete the line-up of Volvo SUV’s – a large XC90 and a medium XC60 are already on the road.


Source: Volvo

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