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Solar Panels Integrated Into Pedestrian Walkways And Street Furniture

Posted August 18, 2017

Urban areas like roads, pedestrian pathways and street furniture most of the time just sit there doing nothing. Startup Plotio developed a modular, self-containing paving panel to produce electricity from sun’s energy. The team integrated panels in front of the shopping mall into outdoor sitting. The paving units are covered with high strength, anti-slip glass, are manufactured using recycled plastic waste and house all the necessary wiring for quick install. The paving units cover of 80 square meters and are rated for 11.7 kW output. The electricity produced helps to reduce the shopping mall’s need for grid power.

A collaboration with Hello Wood helped to install units in curvy public benching at a pop-up park in the startup’s home city of Budapest. Electricity produced by the smart benches will be used to charge mobile devices plugged into USB ports. The video below, with English subtitles, looks at the energy harvesting benches.

Source: Platio

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