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Engineer Designed Electric Vertical Take Off And Landing Aircraft

Posted July 28, 2017

Engineer Alex Borg designed chAIR – a manned electrical vertical take off and landing aircraft, that took off and lifted him skyward. The aircraft is constructed from 76 precise rotors, the Elite 5010 274 kV motors that drive them and are juiced by 80 Multistar 4S 5.2 Ah LiPo batteries weighing in at 35 kg. The chAIR is actually made up of four multirotor systems contained within metal tube hoops with a tube grid pattern inside each hoop to mount the motors. Kevlar rope keeps the hoops from riding above the horizontal and attacking the pilot. 

Total flying time for the first run was 8 minutes, which drained just over half of the battery. The aircraft was designed to deliver a 12 minutes in the air. The approximate cost of build is $10,000 US dollars. Take a look  to the video below.

Source: AmazingDIYProjects

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