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Smart Homes: Creating Safe, Secure and Comfortable Life

Posted July 27, 2017

Image credit: Andrew Mager via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

The idea of smart homes has become a widespread notion among people in this era. Therefore, this has led to most communities coming up with ways of ensuring that they provide homeowners with the latest technology in order to make their living as comfortable and secure as much as possible. Different home appliances have been developed to effect this and most of them have been developed towards the idea of automation. The technology jeeps on improving from day to day through testing and implementation of what has been invented.

Linear actuators are the most common technology used in smart home appliances in order to create motion. Linear actuators allows an appliance to move in a straight line hence making it easy for the user to control the movement of such appliances. The Automated TV stands are an example of a technology that used the linear motion technology and enables the individual to decide the height and position of the TV in regard to where they are seated. This technology is also used in other appliances such as cameras and beds.

The smart home technology is not new because people have been using it in the past. A good example is the lighting invention whereby, an individual can just live in a house whereby they don’t have to put on the switches in order to control lighting appliances. Instead, the same can be achieved by offering commands using a smart phone. As a result, this would thus make work easier and even bring a general comfortability feeling for the home owners. Smart phones has made it easy over time, for people to control their homes as well as ensuring security by linking home security cameras to their phones.

Other home appliances that are being directed towards the idea of creating a safe, secure and comfortable living for home owners is the use of smart home locks to avoid theft. As well, the detection of water leaks is an important aspect because water leaker can be very disastrous in the house if left to leak for a long period of time. Hence, a smart home method of detecting the same would play an important part in ensuring that such damages are contained on time.

Also, the smart thermostats and fridges are being developed and this has made it comfortable for home owners since they don’t have to do a lot in order to operate the appliance. The smart home fridges uses a water-based cooling liquid as opposed to the earlier fridges which uses magnetic field to control the temperature. Such field are harmful to the human body and, therefore, the smart home fridges are secure to use. Other appliances such as carbon-fighting cloth driers, reflective roofing materials and the advanced window controllers have been developed to create a safe and comfortable living.

Concisely, with the continued increase in the smart home technology, then, individuals will find it easy to customize their homes as per their desires to ensure that it is safe, secure and comfortable. Through the proper planning, then individuals can actually purchase the smart home appliances because most of them come a long with installation services as part of the package that someone has purchased. This is opposed to the earlier appliances whereby an individual has to pay someone to install particular extensions.

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