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Infographic: What is Privacy?

Posted July 27, 2017

Privacy is a fundamental right, essential to autonomy and the protection of human dignity, serving as the foundation upon which many other human rights are built. – is said in this Privacy International Explainer about Privacy.

Privacy is what keeps our private lives private and what puts a block to unauthorized interference in our information, our communications and our lives overall. Privacy is what allows us to be who we want to be and interact with the world around us as we want us to.

If we are able to limit access to all of the above, then we can talk about privacy. But, if that is in any way intruded, our privacy is intruded, too.

“Privacy is essential to who we are as human beings, and we make decisions about it every single day. It gives us a space to be ourselves without judgement, allows us to think freely without discrimination, and is an important element of giving us control over who knows what about us.” – continues the Privacy International explainer.

At Secure Swiss Data we believe that your privacy is an essential prerequisite of your civil liberties and human rights. No one should be allowed to snoop around your private thoughts, and no global advertising organisation should be able to profit from data mining your communications. Privacy is not about having something to hide, it’s about the right to control what you want to share and what you want to keep to yourself. If you think about it, we all have something to lose, if it’s those private photos or that critical competitor sensitive information. Privacy is your fundamental human right, enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, something that a lot of people are trying to break down with every excuse in law in order to make money.


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