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Smart And Multipurpose Ring

Posted July 26, 2017

Tokenize Inc. introduced Token, a multipurpose smart ring that packs NFC and Bluetooth connectivity and is designed to take the place of your credit card, house and car keys, workplace access card and laptop password. This ring works with a variety of third-party systems, related with a bunch of organizations to ensure its compatibility. It has partnered with MasterCard and Visa for credit card payments, Microsoft for Windows password activation and over 50 public transit companies worldwide. It also can function as a house key associated with Token Lock. It also has an ability to act as a car key, but before activating this, you have to send your current car key to the company so it can initialize the system. A USB is then sent back to be plugged into your car’s ODB2 port, and it takes two knocks to unlock the car doors and activate its Start button.

There is a strong security and Token has a fingerprint sensor on the inside of the ring that needs to be scanned before to put it on. The system locks itself when the ring is taken off, only reactivating when the correct fingerprint is scanned. It is waterproofed up to 50 meters and lasts 14 days on a single charge. Token is currently available for preorder, with shipping scheduled for December 2017. Take a look at the Token ring in action in the video below.

Source: Tokenize

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