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Stick-on Pads Save Your Soles

Posted July 25, 2017

The Italy-based creator introduced a Nakefit, disposable hypoallergenic adhesive pads that stick onto the soles of your feet and effectively protect from skin fungus, infections and surface cuts. This „footwear“ is perfect for all surfaces where you usually walk barefoot: hot sand, rough surfaces, such as paving and rocks, marble, wood and slippery surfaces such as grass or wet floors. Furthermore stickers are waterproof and it can protect you in the sea without fear of what you might stand on if you will wear it for a short time. With this insole you can forget any kind of inconvenience from wearing shoes, sandals or flip flops with your swollen feet in hot summer.

This projecte is successfully funded on the Kickstarter. Take a look at the Nakefit in the pitch video below.

Source: Nakefit

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