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Innov8: V-Commerce Application

Posted July 24, 2017

Virtual reality has the potential to reinvent the consumer experience. To fuel innovation in this space, Store No 8 has announced a global open invitation to the virtual reality developer community called Innov8: V-Commerce. Together with the VR community, we are encouraging participants to submit concepts, experiences and enabling technologies to drive and influence the next generation of virtual reality and commerce.

Who can apply? What’s the process?

The program invites companies and individuals from around the world that are developing disruptive technologies and experiences that could help shape the future of commerce in virtual reality.

A variety of applicants in the virtual reality ecosystem are welcome to apply to the open invitation. Technology and content companies can apply with current offerings or pitch a new product or concept.

Submissions will be open with rolling selection until August 4, 2017.  After submissions are reviewed, the Innov8’s Judge Board will vote to select companies as “V-Commerce Innov8tors”.

Store No 8, Innov8 sponsors and the Judge Board will work directly with the Innov8tors to build demos, prototypes to be demonstrated at the inaugural event on October 18th in Los Angeles. At this invite-only event, the selected V-Commerce Innov8tors will be provided an exclusive chance to showcase their ideas and connect with some of the biggest brands, influencers, and venture capital investors in the world.

What do I get if I am selected to be a V-Commerce Innov8tor?

– Showcase at invite-only event
– VIP dinner with Innov8 Judge Board prior to showcase event
– Capital to fund development costs and strategic advice during incubation of concept
– Valuable marketing and PR exposure, as well as access to top VCs and retail executives
– Leadership training and mentorship with the Thrive Global e-course
– Founding member of Store No. 8 V-Commerce committee

Source: Innov8: V-Commerce

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